new season, new do.

i did something yesterday that i haven't done in a very very long time. i went to the hair salon. i had very, very long hair. and when my hair got caught in my coat sleeve, i knew that it had to go. haha . and i bet most of you didn't even realize how long my hair was because i always wore it back!
so one of my besties shannon sent me to lab, to see ashley. and let me tell you, she is fabulous! i can see why she's been raved about so much!
i knew i was in good hands.
so to give you an idea of what i brought to work with....

see? i told you! that's about 28" of hair.
so i was pretty happy to be going to the salon. let's just say that. :) and we didn't lose any time...

yikes. that's a lot of hair. haha. but i really like what i've got now... and i knew i would.

yeah, this will be much easier to manage. that is for sure. :) and i can actually wear my hair down without worrying about the worst tangles! as for all of that hair we cut off? i'm going to try to donate it. i know it could be used for a very good cause.  so i've got it all ready to be sent off :) and i have absolutely no regrets.

i have to send a huge thank you to ashley. and i wish you the best time ever on your super awesome trip. so so not jealous here... ;) just remember to come back, because there's a posse of us knitters who need you. and thanks to my girls who encouraged this big step...xo

have you done a drastic cut before? the bonus with this style is that i can still wear it back... if i wanted to... so if you'll excuse me, time to rock spring with my new do. and drink more coffee... xo


  1. So pretty!!!! I love it. :)

  2. Yay! Your new cut looks fantastic! That was a big chop - way to go! I've only ever done one really drastic cut but my hair has never been that long!
    Beautiful self-portraits, too. ;)

  3. It looks fantastic Rebecca!! How utterly light and refreshing this must feel for you!! And good on you for donating those locks, that's a lot of hair to work with!

  4. Looks great, love the shape of it!

  5. Whooooot wooooo!!! HOLY HANNAH that is hot. nice one girl and congrats!!!

  6. Love it! And congrats on having the courage to do it :)

  7. Gorgeous Becca!!! Don't you feel a million pounds lighter!?

  8. You look stunning m'dear!! So proud of you!!! So purdy!!!

    Awww, just seeing Ashley makes me wanna cry...wahhh!!! Gonna miss her so much!

  9. Looks great!
    I had just wondered if you were going to go short soon after seeing Janes pics from the weekend!
    Love it!

  10. I bet you feel liberated! I love long hair but a modern little shag is too cute for words.

  11. Looks great! Bet it feels weird when you wash it now =D Too much shampoo and takes no time! I really like it!

    1. hhaa yah, that's what i'm anticipating! lol. thanks! i like it too :)

  12. big thanks to everyone! i'm still loving the new do so that's a positive thing. :) the fact that i can still put it back makes it feel like it's really not all that different from when it was uber long. :)


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