i'm teasing you....

i want to show you something. ...

this is the softest yarn i have yet knit with... it's baby alpaca that i picked up at fibers west. from knitopia.
and i'm in love.

what are you working on today? any lovely splurges for yourself? i'll be back here tomorrow to show you more of my goodies from fibers west! in the meantime, i've got a mountain of knitting and crocheting to do, all for all sprung out! xo


  1. so lovely, looks like a dream...

  2. That looks so incredibly soft and cuddly! Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. Oh it looks so wonderful. I love knitting with alpaca. Ah....

  4. thanks ladies! yes it is a dream to knit... and i can't wait to be wrapped up in it! xo

  5. I think baby alpaca is one of my absolute favorite fibers to knit with. I love that you got yours in creamy white -- shows up the softness somehow.

    1. i'm loving every stitch of this project. i can't lie. and i also love the raw natural-ness of it. xo


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