lofty lofty ambitions...

it's skew time! how did everyone do? i say you all deserve a big pat on the back for tackling this pattern. it's a bit of a strange pattern, construction wise... not bad, just strange...  and so pat pat pat... on the back to you.

and now down to the knitty-gritty.. (get it? lol) clearly, i need more sleep. hhahaa. ok. confession time. i don't have a big reveal for you... yet. :( i really really wanted to! and i'm pretty close! but man those needles are tiny, and that yarn is so small.... and no matter how fast i knit, it just wasn't fast enough last night.
that being said....

 here are my thoughts on the pattern. the outcome? very cool.. if you have the right yarn. though this is my first real sock pattern to tackle (being on small needles and all), i feel that there are many other patterns that would require a more mindless knit... not that i don't mind this, but you know. :) i did make the foot just a little bit too long. can you tell from the pic? it's looking a little baggy in the heel. oh well, lessons are always there to be learned. and very soon, i'll have a pair to show you. very very soon.
enough with the excuses. this has been a very busy month for me! and early next month, i'll be showing you lots and lots of fo's. promises.
would you like a sneak peek? of course you would :)

i know you totally know what this is... and i'm so excited it's done! too bad it's not for me :) though look what i'll be knitting mine in!!!

and then there are these....

and another of (almost) the same with this yarn..

but i'll be chatting about those two tomorrow for the warm up to winter kal that i'm hosting with luvinthemommyhood.

and i know i've already shown you kathleen. and you can read more about it here.

life happens, i know. but i'm hard on myself. i wish i had fully completed these skews within the deadline i set. but little surprises come my way, and i have to adapt. we've just found out that the hubs is off on an exercise for 2 weeks.... and he'll have to sleep in a tent. in winter. ewwwwww... of course he needs some woolies to keep him warm... and so i've had to accommodate for that. i knew you would totally understand. the reason i couldn't quite finish one knitting project is because of more knitting. haaaa... gotta love it.
but of course.. i have much planned for next month too...

so how about it. i wanna see your skews! even if they aren't completed (which is clearly allowed), send a link in the comments below so we can all see your amazing work! and i bet that by the end of the week... at the latest... you'll see mine.

how has the beginning of 2012 been for you? have you been a productive, busy bee? what are your upcoming crafting goals? i'd love to hear from you, and i've just made a fresh pot of coffee. yummmm xo


  1. Your knitting is amazing and I will be taking a beginner knitting class with you someday at The Cloth Castle for sure!

    1. oh yaaay that makes me so happy to hear that! :)i'm looking forward to knitting with you! xo

  2. Oooh, it's all lovely! Are you making Mallory Cowls? I love love love mine. And the Pullover is beautiful, I'm sure it will have everyone at the Cloth Castle running to make their own ;)

    Your sock looks great, btw; what colorway is that?

    I started a cardi for my 5 yr old over the weekend, and I am debating whether or not to dig up those dolls to finish for Valentine's for the girls, LOL. Have a few other things on the queue; possibly one more hat for the KAL!
    Happy Knitting! :D

    1. oh. I just read your post about the Red is Best mittens. :P Ha ha ...

    2. hee hee kristy :) but that being said... mallory is totally on my list of things to knit up. i loooove that pattern! the colourway for the skew socks are ... ragg shades, and are patons kroy socks, 4ply. which cardi did you decide on?

  3. Raglans!!?? So pretty! I love the shew - even if they aren't quite finished. I know all about self-imposed deadlines and how life can get in the way.
    I thought I was going to hit this post Christmas month with a buzz of productivity but it hasn't worked out for me. I'm jumping all over the place in projects (with 6!!! on the go right now). I finished two cowls - one was for a sale that fell through (not cool) and one I'm starting to feel jumpy about whether it's right for the intended recipient. Maybe I should stick to knitting for the kiddos.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your finished shews. They really are so lovely. Your wool is the best!

    1. aww thanks! that so sucks about you starting a project and then it falling through. bummer... maybe you can keep the cowl! i'm hoping to be showing off these skews uber soon! xo

  4. I love that the reason knitting doesn't get done is other knitting...you're not alone girl! I promised this friend like a month ago that i would make her a hat and scarf...every time I go to playgroup I slink guiltily by her with my eyes skimming the floor! life happens, right!

    The skew pattern is such a cool pattern, and I can't say enough how much I love the yarn you chose!

    Can't wait to see all the things you've finished. I blogged about what I've been working on for the past month, and as much as I"ve done I've got about three times that lined up! Whew!


    1. haha it's always the way... our que's just grow all by themselves, i'm sure of it! xo

  5. Yay for finishing your Classic Rag can't wait to see it.
    I've also been obsessing about that sock yarn.... thanks!!!
    I need to know what that yummy mustard yarn is!

    1. haha for my first sock yarn (that were actually for socks) purchase hast turned out to be a win for sure! yippeee! and the mustard yarn is actually cascade 220 heathers in a straw/mustard colourway. love. xo

  6. My Skews were a FAIL, sadly. Just no time--but I WILL get them knit eventually. Love the pattern too much not to.


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