grey mondays

it's fairly grey today...

and it's making me more cold. :) the weekend was great! we filled it with good friends, knit night, and even a hockey game:) i have to say i'm feeling a little tuckered out. hahah. but it's all good.

so today is for cuddles, warm wool, and a little baking. ...maybe even a nice long walk!
this girl could use a little comfort today....oh and don't worry, i haven't forgotten about skew. tomorrow is the deadline! so i'm saving my post for then :) xo

what are you up to today? how was your weekend? i'd love to hear from you! xo


  1. Mondays suck, thems just the facts!

    so I made myself an Elizabeth and I feel much better! Haha.

    Can't wait for the big reveal of your Skews!


    1. knitting always makes things better, doesn't it? xo

  2. Pretty Gray here in San Francisco too. Started 'Grove' mittens from Jarod Flood. Am excited to see if they turn out. I quite agree, knitting does make things much better :) Happy Monday!

    1. ooOOo i'm a big fan of anything Jared Flood. weee! can't wait to see them! xo


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