warming up to winter kal -- rockin' red.

are we actually into february already? i find it kind of hard to believe. i feel like i'm still getting over chrsitmas. eeks! crazy. but it's all good :) the weather will start to get warmer, flowers will start to bloom (yep, out here they bloom pretty early... sorry to rub it in. lol) but a girl will still need to keep warm. i always find that the first thing to go would have to be substituting for the winter jacket.... i'm totally gonna keep wearing my knitted woolies though.... i bet you're all like that too....
sooooo since it's "warm up to winter" kal time.... wanna know what i've made so far? it's really quite perfect for this weather, i think....

and perfect for the month of february... 'cause it's red.  hee hee.
and we all know red is best. :)

honestly, i love them! these are my first flip-top mittens, and i think they fit great!
i had decided that because i love knitting with my knit picks dpns that i was going to knit with them, even if they weren't the recommended needle size. haha. i ended up knitting the medium sized, and they turned out perfect for my hands!

wahoo!! so the deets... it's a jane richmond pattern (honestly, i am very predictable at this point) and i knit these in diamond yarn galway. it's 100% wool, and soo warm!  these mitts really don't take up a lot of yarn, and they're pretty quick too! love them!

i'm not the only one who loves the too. hee hee. my hubby thinks they're pretty sweet, soooo i've cast on for a pair of quick mittens for men, also by jane richmond. so we'll be all matchy matchy! he picked charcoal for the colour. very manly. he'll actually be going away on an exercise for work, and will be sleeping in a tent- in february... ahem. so these mitts should totally help him keep warm. i'm knitting them with patons shetlan chunky yarn.

i can already tell they'll be an uber quick knit.

honestly, shannon and i have been so uber impressed with all of you on this kal! you've been the most friendly, talkative bunch! and soooo speedy! some of you have finished just an amazing amount of projects! and just think, there is still another week left of the kal! the lovely shannon, has actually created a roundup of your projects.. be sure to go on over to luvinthemommyhood to check them out. you all should be so very proud of your work! beautiful stuff!

and if you're thinking of still joining in, there's still time! make sure you sign up for for the kal by clicking the link below:

start date: january 11, 2012 (but you can start any time)
end date: feb 8, 2012

make sure you sign up, so that you're eligible for prizes, and prizes are always fun :) and once you're finished your fab projects make sure you post your pics in either our ravelry group thread or our flicker group.

you guys have done such amazing work on this kal! i have been seeing some very beautiful fo's! remember, be sure to head on over to luvinthemommyhood today to see a bit of a montage, starring you! xo


  1. I love them! They look exactly like the red store-bought ones my mom bought me two Christmases ago, otherwise I would be making a pair for myself too!

    Who cares if you're predictable? My queue is filled with her patterns and I'm not ashamed! heehee

    1. thanks so much hannah! i really do love them :) also, whenever anyone sees a pattern of jane's i think we just can't stop ourselves from making it. they're just all soo pretty! xo

  2. I WANT THOSE LEGGINGS! I love your style.

    1. haha, thanks allison! i'm all about comfy ;) the leggings? totally from the great canadian superstore. ;)xo


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