let it snow... sort of.

i heard on the radio this morning that we might not get snow this christmas... gasp! what?! no snow in victoria?! haha yah i know i should just accept that i don't live in the coldest climate in canada, but it's hard for me. i miss the snow.
so i found a solution... sort of.

i know i know, it's dec 1st already, and we're up to our eyeballs in yarn skeins and projects that are most pressing... and now look what i've done... i'm sorry. but aren't they pretty? and after yesterday's post about setting realistic goals for christmas crafting.... geesh, i'm such an enabler!
i hope that i can squeeze a little time in for this.
and if you want to try it too... here's the link!
and i'm still really hoping we'll get a light blanket of the white stuff for christmas. it really does seem more like christmas then. i stand by it. and you know what? even if we did get snow for christmas, i'd like to have these pretty things in my house anyways. wouldn't you?

how about you? do you love the snow or hate it? do you get lots of snow where you live? come chat! xo


  1. This is perfect, actually! It gives me an excuse to not crochet a snowflake garland as previously planned. Noelle can also "help", which is an added bonus.

    Hope you're keeping sane!

  2. You ARE an enabler Rebecca!!! LOL. I'm with Hannah though - although I would probably never have found the time to actually crochet a snowflake garland (I took it off my Ravelry queue, LOL), now I can still have one, AND my girls can help! So this is good enabling ;)

  3. Ohhh...those are awesome. I'm going to have to make those too!

  4. hahaha weeee! ok, now i love being the enabler! :) xo

  5. Oh, I love! I'm so easily distracted by pretty projects I SHOULDN"T be starting. But this is fun and easy, right? And the kids will love it, right?
    We've got just enough of the real white stuff here already but there will be more. I love the snow, I don't love the crazy, crazy cold we often get with it. But I am hoping you get a nice smattering of it in time for the big day!

  6. lucky you with the real snow! but there's still time yet for us :) yes this will make a great project, real snow or no.

  7. I live in North dakota and we normally have tons of snow by now, but today we've got brown grass. I love that it hasnt' snowed yet, but by christmas we'll definitely have some :)
    those white flakes against the turquoise wall are soo pretty!

  8. sarah - yep, i loove the turquoise wall... too bad it isn't mine :) maybe the snow is holding off for all of us? and then we'll all get a big helping of it for christmas.... a girl can dream :) xo

  9. Yup, snowflake cutting is in the future...


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