it's go time!!

it's just about here! handmade for the holidays is tomorrow!!
are you in the area, and considering popping by? here are the details:

i know that a lot of work has gone into promoting this event. big props to the felted fern.  this is such a great start to the christmas season :) if you're in the area, i really hope you can make it!

oh yah baby, that's a sign and an apron!! last night i got together with the lovely mandy of sugar + candy, and look what happened!!! i can't thank her enough, i'm so excited! doesn't it look pretty? i looove it! i could not have figured this one out on my own... knitting, i can do... but this? no no.. and here's another thing... my awesome font, with the yarn ball and everything? the lovely shannon of luvinthemommyhood put that together for me! that and the whole set up of this here blog! i have the best friends. xo

here's wishing you a wonderful first weekend of december! i hope you can be super productive in your crafting! and i promise to be taking a ridiculous amount of pics at the market. i can't wait to show you my table! what are your plans for the weekend? xo


  1. love the apron! i totally want one!!

  2. I LOVE it!!! Looks amazing! How about a tutorial??? I want to make my own....You seriously DO have the best friends...
    Good luck with the market, hope it goes really well, you've worked so hard for it! can't wait to see the pictures.

  3. Love it! Mandy did a fab job! We're so proud of you Becca!

  4. thanks so much everyone!! i can't tell you how excited i am!

  5. Just popping by to say GOOD LUCK with your fair!!! :D Wish I could pop by, and show my support in person but alas, I am without wheels this weekend! Love the banner and the apron too, take lots of photos and have fun!

  6. thanks so much melissa!!!! xo


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