christmas 911 - keepin' it together.

if i had all of the time in the world, unlimited amounts of yarn, patterns, and caffeine.... i'd be the most incredible christmas elf ever. i really would. ...

my little man would have so many awesome knitterly gifts!
source: 1. google.com 2. crankypants on etsy

of course, he's into castles, knights, princesses... so i'd for sure knit him this too...

remember, i said if i had all the time in the world, unlimited amounts of yarn, and caffeine.... yep. the operative word here is if.. sigh.. but that would be sooo awesome!

but christmas knitting 911 is a support group. (also a little bit of an enabler) but really, we want you guys to be able to finish your projects, and still remain decently sane to enjoy christmas. xo

so where do you start? how do you keep it all together? my tip? be really organized.. and, of course realistic. that castle would totally make my kid poop his pants with excitement, but i can't do that, plus the sweater i was intending, robots that he wants, stuff for the hubs... not to mention gifts that have to be sent away in what, less than 2 weeks now to arrive in time for christmas?

then of course, there's the baking, planning the christmas dinner, christmas cards... wowza, how much time is left? maybe we could ask santa for the ability to function without any sleep whatsoever... yeah, that would help.

Source: skjstudio.com via Varda on Pinterest

ok. so we're a month away.. no, less. we're just a few weeks away! (eeks!) but before panic sets in, make yourself a planner of sorts...  better yet, i've found a few sites that have free printables to help you out in this crazy, but wonderful and exciting time!

  • organized christmas - you'll find printable calendars, christmas planner pages, covers, countdown checklists and more!
  • christmas your way - you'll find a christmas planning e-book, including baking planner, budget and cards worksheets and more!
  • tip junkie - here you'll find everything including a party planner, family gift planner and more!
this is just a few to get you started, but i know you can find lots out there....it's so nice to know that we're totally not alone. and it's completely possible to have it together, and still get everything done! woo hoo!!! 

but back to the knitting front.... how do you keep realistic goals with our knitted (and crochet) gifts? these gifts are time consuming. and frankly, we don't have a lot of time... for you smarty pants out there who have already started and finished many of your christmas gifts good for you! planning ahead is probably the best way to get it all done... but for those of us who still have a list and a trip to the yarn store yet.....

i would consider bulky knits for sure. yes that would be wise... and also, really not everyone you know needs a knitted gift because you're a knitter.... (though it's fun).... i like to knit only for the people who i know will really appreciate the work and the love that goes into the gift...  and have a plan that x many gifts will be done per week... allocate times in the evening (if that works better after kiddos are in bed) for your elving time...
Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

don't forget we're all here for eachother.. come on by to our ravelry group, and all things christmas 911 on luvinthemommyhood. and be sure to check out shannon's post today for her wish list for girls, and a little gifty too :) because, 'tis the season.  as for my christmas knitting list? it's still a work in progress... but i'll let you know really really soon. i promise.
and really, try to get some sleep. xo

how is your christmas planning coming along? any of your fav ways to keep sane? (besides coffee) :) i want to hear what's on your list! xo


  1. So far, I only have coffee. And watching Christmas movies. But I did start exercising and tracking what I eat again b/c my pants are getting a leeeetle tight; I am a cookie-holic (no SRSLY. I might really be)! SO that is helping!

  2. Well you're not hardcore...unless you live hardcore!

    Good music helps!

    Coffee is a given, and being realistic...seems obvious, but yeah, how easy is it to start lying to yourself when you see, for example, every single Rebecca Danger pattern?

    My kid is reading over my shoulder and has announced "Mommy needs to knit the Yoda and the castle"...greaaaaaat

  3. That castle is the bomb. I hear you on the timing front, that’s why this year I'm keeping my knitted gifts to a minimum: only two. Everyone else gets a sewn present (goes faster than knitting) and because I got started a month ago I only have four little pressies to go. This is the first year ever that I get started so early (who said an old dog can’t learn new tricks?), and you know what? I highly recommend it. After this weekend I’ll be able to focus on planning the food, decorations, and may even get a bit of time for selfish knitting/sewing!

  4. yep, i agree that the planning helps, but it's sooo hard to be realistic when there are so many awesome patterns out there! haha whenever owen came by the computer, i just made sure the castle was off the screen. haha. at least we're all here for eachother, right? the rebecca danger patterns are probably too hard to resist! i'd better go brew another pot of coffee ;)


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