staying focused...

it's time for lots and lots of coffee.....
a little bit of sleep, and a lot more coffee!

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handmade for the holidays is this weekend! i've got the sewing machine out now, making sure everything has labels. then it's figuring out pricing, (always the hardest part, isn't it?) and display.
i'm excited, and nervous. it's my first market. and i hope it goes well!

i've got lots to do, as well as bake a ton of cookies for a cookie exchange the day after the market, and remembering to start the advent calendar on dec first. (i almost always forget about it every year...almost) and let's not forget about the chrsitmas gift knitting! and i've even got a surprise in store for you! (i seem to love piling things onto my plate) :)  

how is your week looking so far? do you have it all mapped and planned out? that's the name of the game here, so it can all get done! now for another cup of coffee:) happpy monday! xo


  1. Best of luck with your first market!! I'm sure it will be a huge success!! xo Rosa

  2. I am so excited to see how everything turns out!

  3. aww thanks rosa and buffy! i'll be sure to take lots of pictures! xo

  4. I wish I didn't work this weekend (ALL WEEKEND) or I would soooooo be there!
    I'm assuming this means that you won't be at knit night on Saturday? Because I will be for once. ha.


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