you're the star!

i'm over on luvinthemommyhood today and it's the day of carefree cowl posting.... shannon and i have been so inspired to see what you've all come up with! it's incredible! everyone did such a wonderful job, and now i've got several more cowls in my que :)

Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

once you ladies got out your cameras and started showing off these ah-mazing cowls, we were just so impressed! come on by to luvinthemommyhood, there are lots of pretty pics of your work (we wanted to fit everyone in, but there were just sooo many!) and we'd love for your to check it out!

and we have a couple of prizes in store too!!! so head on over! as that's where the fun is :)
also be sure to check out our flicker group and our ravelry group, you'll find all of the lovely cowls there.

i really had so much fun with this KAL. can't wait to start another with you lovely ladies! xo

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