mail bliss!

soo look what came in the mail yesterday afternoon!!!

isn't it purty? i loooove it! i won this gem on misocrafty's blog! she sews these awesome project bags and sells them in her etsy shop. so you can have one too! this is one talented girl, i tell ya! not only does she sew, but she's a crazy awesome knitter too! you should check out her ravelry page. honestly, she can pump out sweaters like i've never seen!

and the crazy thing, is that she is local to me, but we've still yet to meet in person! one day soon!! i love that we've gotten to know each other through the blogging world, and through ravelry. but i would looove to knit up a storm with her :)

... but back to the bag (lol)
i think it's just the perfect size.... it holds just what i need, and my poor knitting doesn't have to get tangled up in keys, camera, toddler snacks and sippy cups all in my bag ever again! yippeee! and this is really just the right timing, what with all of the market and holiday knitting i've been doing lately. there's always several projects on the go :)

and also, look. at . the. print! so so cute! and colourful.

yah i love it. and it made my day. thank you so much, melissa!

wanna check out more of her awesome goods?  be sure you do! and tell her i sent ya!

does getting gifts in the mail make you as giddy as it makes me? are you one who uses project bags? what's your fave way to take your knitting along with you, and how do you keep it all organized? xo


  1. Yay for you! Giveaways are so much fun!! I'm having one tomorrow!!! ;)

  2. ohh really?! hmm i have to pop on over then! :)

  3. oh man.. i'm so jealous! it's pretty.

    my current project bag is a plastic bag i bought bananas in a few weeks back. which sort of.. works.. too..

  4. Oh Becca! You are too sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words! :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can join you ladies some time soon for a knitting session...it's nuts to butts that we all live in the same city and haven't.met.up.yet. Crazy.

    I'm so happy that you like the bag and can get a ton of use from it! And yay for not finding random toddler treats in your yarn anymore! (pre bags, I was guaranteed to find Cheerios snagged in my yarn!). :)

  5. Simply put, the mail rocks. I love getting gifts in the mail as well as personal letters. Have I mentioned I love the mail? That is the perfect bag for carrying projects, you lucky girl!

  6. thanks guys, yah.. i'm loving it! i plopped my knitting right in there even before taking off the tags! lol.

    melissa - cheerios, granola bar, fishie crackers.. ugh. this bag is saving me! :)

    andrea - i totally agree. i loove getting personal letters too. email is easier yes, but you just know that the time it takes to write the letter is such a special touch too, hey? i guess that's why we like crafting.. ;)

    liisa - lol a plastic bag! yes. that would work too... but you've gotta get a project bag! then we can be twins. ;)

  7. I love the bag! I too get my projects caught up amongst the mess in my bag. Sometimes (gasp) I carry two purses just to keep it all separate.

  8. Love it!

    @Melissa - You need to come so we can all meet you. I want one of those bags too.....they rock!!!

  9. amy, haha yes. i take 2 purses with me too. but it's fashionable, right? and i agree with shannon... @melissa.. come on out! we all wanna knit with you!

  10. That's certainly a great item to find in the mail! I've been ordering yarn for my Christmas knitting, and I am as giddy as a schoolgirl every time I find a package in my mailbox (and in the end it's not even for me!)
    I've been using Zip-lock bags in all sizes for my projects....maybe it's time to upgrade?

  11. monica, yes yes upgrade! it might make you a happier knitter! haha. you deserve a treat. especially if you're knitting for everyone else. i haven't yet ever ordered yarn in the mail. i would like to try it though, as there are lots of yarn that isn't available locally... what have you been ordering? i'd totally get all giddy too btw. ;)


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