pleasently surprised

so a fairly cool thing happened to me last week. i was awarded the versatile blogger award, by rosa of flutterflutter! i was so surprised, and excited i actually did a happy dance ;) pretty much had the jazz hands out and everything :) haha.

for those of you who might not know what this award is, lemme tell ya! it's basically a very cool way to learn of other blogs and a chance to spread the love, so to speak. and part of winning includes me sharing 7 things about myself...

now rosa had a wonderful idea of using photos to help share about herself, and i think i'd like to do that too. besides, it makes the whole post prettier :)

one -  i learned recently that continental knitting vs. english knitting is also known as picking vs. throwing. i'm a thrower... but i also want to be a picker. it would probably make me a more efficient knitter. (yea, i think about that kind of stuff)

two - i bake all my own bread. not 'cause i feel i have to but 'cause i loove to. this includes bagels, and pizza too. and hopefully one day english muffins.

three - i only like dancing when no one is watching. but i secretly know that if anyone were to watch... i'd be really, really good.

four - i am a flautist. it's been a while since i've played regularly, but i used to play with a group in weddings and wineries. (i also used to sing alto in a quartet. and we sang a lot of a capella... so i couldn't fake it)

five - i would looove to learn how to spin. (totally not talking about the bike here... though, i could probably do that too) ;)

six - though i'm pretty rusty now, at one time, i was pretty good at speaking german, and french. and i miss it. a lot. i love languages... and actually got my TESOL certificate online. even with all the crazy grammar studies, i kinda liked it.

Source: google.com via Chris on Pinterest

seven - i am happy. i really really am. i am a very lucky girl, living in beautiful british columbia, canada. i still love being married to my man, and look forward to a long life with him, i have the most adorable kiddo (yes a little biased.. but that's allowed), and i have the best friends a girl could ask for.... some of these people i know only online! but it's true. i really like this life that i have. it's a swell one :)

Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

and i've also got to put in a little self promotion :) handmade for the holidays is less than 3 weeks away! i'm super excited about it, and a little nervous. it's my first market.. and i hope that there's traffic! regardless this is a great opportunity for me, and i can't wait to show you all pics!!!

and now to pass on this award to some awesome bloggers!

here's hoping you have a wonderful weekend! probably full of crafting, and preparing for christmas?! let's get elving! and thanks everyone, for taking the time to read this and to learn a little more about me xo


  1. Wow! Congratulations! You totally deserve it :)

    oh, and thanks for the link luv :)

  2. Good Luck at Handmade for the Holidays! It sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see what your table looks like :) Take pictures! And congrats on The Versatile Blogger Award! I can really see you dancing with Jazz Hands =D

  3. Thanks for passing along the love to me Rebecca! I'll be able to post again on Monday night and will share my 7 things then! <3

  4. You are more than welcome! I adore your blog, and your mad knitting skillz!!! xo Rosa

  5. Thanks for the award Rebecca! :D

    I can't believe that you bake ALL your own bread! Well, I can, but doesn't it take up a ton of time? Or do you use a bread machine? I've only tried the no-knead bread, but apparently I'm the only one willing to eat it. Gotta find a few recipes that the entire family will eat!

    Hopefully I can find the time this weekend to post my 7 things!

  6. melissa, i do bake my own bread yep. an no bread machine. i love the kneading process :) it is time consuming, yes.. but more in the sense that you have to do things like punching it down at certain times. the actual mixing and kneading don't take all that long :) i love it though... it's probably not for everyone... and it helps that i'm a stay at home mom. <3

  7. You are super mama! :) You must share your secrets! Your house must always smell amazing...I'm drooling over the thought of warm bread in the oven! Your family is super lucky! Can you adopt me? ;)

  8. wanna adopt me too?

    thanks for the award! you're awesome. xx

  9. melissa and liisa, hhah you guys are funny. let's just have a bread party. ;)

  10. Loved learning more about you! Wwe have a lot in common. Like a weird amount - I agree with everything - except the good dancing bit. I think my kids would agree I'm bad.

  11. it's always so nice to learn of others who have lots in common. do you play the flute too? ;)

  12. I do...well, I did in high school. Now it sits lonely in a closet until every once in a while the kids ask me to play something. And then I'm challenged...


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