a confession... sorta...

i know i totally said that we would wait until dec 1st to start ... but....

we just couldn't wait! haha.
i also have to confess that we've been listening to christmas music for at least a week now... and with all of the elving taking place, well it just had to be done.

truth is, every weekend is starting to fill up!! and since i really am one of those people who take everything down the day after christmas...it's better to put the tree up earlier rather than later.
one day we'll have a real tree.... but that's when i have my dream farm house :) there's a cute little shop around here that has the best candles.. they smell like a real christmas tree... i've gotta find me one (or two) of them stat.

less than 2 weeks now until "handmade for the holidays" winter market. i'm getting excited! we've taped out the length of the table, and i'll be planning the display within a couple of days! i tell ya, my fingers have been working like mad! i can't wait to show you all what i've been working on!

but back to crafting... and then candle searching... and let's not forget baking! yep... we're in the christmas zone now!!

how about you? have you started decorating yet? of course, our lovely neighbours in the US still have their yummy thanksgiving... so perhaps after this weekend, yes? i'd love to hear about you're fav part of decorating, and christmas crafting. xo


  1. Your decorations are sweet. I particularly like the stars hanging from the mantle. I must confess I've been so consumed with Christmas present making that I haven’t even started thinking about decorating our place.

  2. thank you andrea! but i do think that a christmas-y environment makes for good chistmas-y crafting sessions ;) i say you get decorating ;)though i bet you've got a ton of gifts ready now!

  3. You are too cute...lol. Can't wait to be able to come over and check all the xmas goodness out.

  4. haha aww shan.i can't wait to have you here! i'll spoil you. i promise. xoxo

  5. I am so excited for you to so this market and am SO looking forward to hearing about how it goes!!!

  6. Well, I too love the star garland. Maybe I'll make one for us. I promised Samuel that either this Friday or Saturday we'll decorate the house. My sis and boyfriend will be up visiting so I'm sure that I can rope them both into helping...little does my sister know that this is a Big Sister test for her boyfriend: How well does he handle decorating a house for Christmas with 5 kids and a bossy older sister around ;)

    If he survives I'll know he's a keeper and may just march the two of them down to City Hall ;) Haha, all joking aside I love your decorations and am excited to get to mine.

  7. thanks ladies! i can't wait to show you pics of the booth!!
    i wish i could say that i made the star garland.. i love them so much. i have some mini star garland on the tree too... i love it. so christmas-y :)
    buffy - have a wonderful thanksgiving! xo


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