drumroll please.....

before i get to the prizes for the carefree cowl knit along (!!!) i wanted to give you a little sneak peek. :)  i've been working hard here, and it's all starting to come together.

you likey? i'm getting super excited! handmade for the holidays is just over a week away! but let's get to our kal, shall we?

well it's here! the day we announce the winners of the carefree cowl knit along!


woo hoo! i think it's a great step into the christmas frenzy of knitting, don't you? but i'm not going to announce it here....haha you guys know the drill... head on over to luvinthemommyhood. we'll tell you who won, annnd what we've got planned for you! shannon and i are super excited about this feisty group of knitters :) we know that the crazy christmas crafting is on our doorstep, so we thought a christmas knitting 911 was in order... of course, we've got a button for this too! yes, we're prepared! of course, we also have a ravelry thread on this too! so head on over to luvinthemommyhood to grab this new lovely button and see if you're one of the winners of this awesome knit along!

we've had so much fun with you ladies! now let's get christmas crafting underway, shall we? can't wait for the next knit along! tell me, what's the first christmas crafting on your needles? your fave go-to pattern? xo

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