and so it begins!

christmas is officially a month away! and as you've guessed it, there is constant knitting going on here :) not just for the market (i'm excited to say i think i might be just about done the knitting part of that!) but also, some needed woolies.  i absolutely love living out on vancouver island, but i do miss the snow :)

of course, i don't need snow to put me in the christmas spirit (though having a winter wonderland does help) we've got the christmas tunes playing, and crafting is under full force :) it's important to me to teach my little the value of giving handmade, and so i make great efforts to do as much handmade as i can, especially in this season. sure it means less gifts, but the gifts that we do share are that much more special.
i'm not saying that we shouldn't appreciate gifts that aren't handmade, (some just simply don't have the time or materials) but i think the effort going into the gift is so important.

for me, when i'm knitting a gift, every stitch is for the person intended. the item is created with that special person in mind. you know? and it could even be in baking cookies for a friend. or sending a dry mix in a mason jar, like cake, or hot chocolate,... just add milk.
i have almost as much fun finding ways to wrap a handmade gift! the possibilities are endless! but there will be more on that during our christmas 911 posts ;)


the lovely shannon of luvinthemommyhood and i have created a support group of sorts for christmas crafting 911. we know that this is crunch time, and we could all use all the support and encouragement, and ideas we can get. it's a crazy crafting time, but it's also a fun crafting time! so come on by and join our group!  you can find all of the info on shannon's blog and on our ravelry group.
we'd really love for you to be a part of it.

Source: bhg.com via Jillian on Pinterest

so let's get to my first mission :) my little has asked for me to knit him another "stuffie" as we call them. (soft toys). though he specifically wants a robot. i've made him muno (those of you with littles who watch "yo gabba gabba" will know who he is) and for those of you who don't.. he's a one eyed monster. muno has friends too, and a robot is one of them. but i'm wondering, does anyone know of other robot patterns that might be a good fit? i'd appreciate any tips here :)

how has christmas crafting been going for you? for those of you with littles, how do you go about teaching the value of making gifts? are any of you experienced in crafting toys? i need your help! xo


  1. Ohhh... you know I have to shout out to Rebecca Danger here...love her robots!


    So cute!

  2. There's also this cute book called "crobots"

  3. thanks!! i've been eyeing the robbie robot ;) and i'll go check out crobots now! xoxo

  4. I knit this (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/shiny-robot) one a few years ago for my daughter and she loves it. Although when I did a rav search for robots there were sooo many cute ones. Good luck deciding! I vote for Rebecca Danger, too!
    We're doing lots of handmades here as well. The three big kiddos have sibling gifts that they're working on for each other and I have knitting and sewing for each of them. The extended family is harder for me, though, because not everyone values handmade gifts....tricky.
    I'm a little overwhelmed with all my crazy plans and then last night a friend and I started a crazy felt advent calendar...oops.

  5. oh that's a cute robot! i'm loving the rebecca danger robot patterns too :) although i also think muno will get his friends too. owen says to me tonight, "i'll cuddle them all mommy"... too cute, how can i not make them now? haha. i agree it's hard to do all hand knits. i also have a hard time giving handmades to those who may not appreciate all of the hard work that is put into it. and i too try to be a little choosier with whom i give my handmades too... good luck with your christmas crafting! i bet you'll get *most* of it done :) but this is what the christmas knitting 911 is for, right? xo


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