holiday howdy!

oh goodness, i've been looking forward to today! i missed last week's carefree cowl knitalong post... but here's what i whipped up! i know you've always known i had my eye on the bandana cowl by the purl bee. loooove it.
so i made it.

and i love it. really really.
it's warm, it's squishy, and it's red :) i call it my holiday howdy! haha.
i used the berroco vintage chunky. it's surprisingly soft, and i love that this particular skein is a little heathered.

i only used one skein, which is supposed to be plenty for the pattern, but i'd say, definitely plan to have more yardage on hand then what the pattern calls for. i went down a needle size. to 5.5mm, and i still used more than the recommended 100yds. so yes, plan to have more yarn. also, once i had finished my decreases, i was up to 14", where the pattern says to continue knitting until you are at 11"... yeah, so past that point. haha.
but really, all in all, i like the finished outcome very much. and with gauge not being all that important... as it's an accessory, i'm ok with it. and also, i do love the use of short rows in this pattern.

it fits the way i like it too, and it keeps me warm. also, i didn't really run out of yarn. :)
what do you think? do you like it? does it get you in the mood for the holidays?

well it does for me, for sure! i'm a-ready to kick in the holidays! haha no, i'm not a prarie girl... not really;) but i can play along.

to keep you all up to date, the lovely shannon of luvinthemommyhood and i have been working together on this knit along.and all of the info is on her blog right here. i have so been enjoying the progress on the carefree cowl knit along! you guys are so great! i've been so excited to see so many projects being knitted and crocheted up! some of you are on your 3rd, and 4th cowls? or is it more!?!? seriously! you're hard core! there's just 8 days left, and that means there's still time!
wanna join in?
here are the deets!

the end date is november 9th, and really any cowl that strikes your fancy works for us! there's also lots of chats, and following on our ravelry page. so pretty please, come and check it out!

if you've never considered a knit along before, consider this one! you'll find lots of great friends, and also, you'll probably kick start your holiday knits! try the bandana cowl! these will knit up quick! i promise you! and for those of you involved in the knit along... how are you loving it? are you looking forward to the next one? :) xo


  1. The color just suits you!

    Red is a great color to get you in the holiday spirit. So cheery.

  2. Love the look of your cowl and love how it brightens up your outfit! This is what I love about cowls - that little splash of knitted color!

  3. thanks julie! yep it's one of the things i also love about cowls.. perfect accessory for this time of year especially!

  4. i have to say i love those legwarmers!!! and i think the next KAL you and the 'Hood' do should be legwarmers - yeah baby :)

  5. hahah awesome! those legwarmers is actually the lovely jane richmond's pattern! :)

  6. So I cast on a bandana cowl the other night...I tweaked the pattern to match my gauge and didn't do as many short rows cause it was so long with the point...good to know I'm not alone in that one. I'm sure I'll have lots of yarn left but this one I'm gonna DYE! Yuppers...it is a Christmas pressie for a guy friend of mine and the color is just not manly enough :) So excited to try overdying :) :) :)

    On another note, I finished my Cedar Leaf Shawlette and have been wearing it like non-stop. Today at Bible Study I had soooo many people stop and ask me about it. I lurve it so much! Of course it is my favorite color :)

    Love your cowl too <3

  7. buffy! i love the idea of the bandana cowl for a man. i think it's great! i can't wait to see pictures of it! yay for completing your cedar leaf shawlette!!!! i saw your pic. it's fab! xoxo

  8. I've been wanting to make the bandana cowl for awhile! Yours is really cute - it's nice to see what it looks like on a real person (instead of a hanger). :)

  9. haha lindsay! yes the non-hanger pics help for sure :) what colour are you going to knit yours up in?

  10. check out the legwarmers with flats! !! ingenious! !!! any recommended patterns? (I'm a crocheter but I can knit)

  11. why yes chrystal! those legwarmers are a jane richmond pattern. these are super easy! i love them. you can find the pattern here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/leg-warmers-21
    enjoy! xo

  12. love your pics


  13. thanks bernice! i always find my photos are a work in progress ;) but i'm sure enjoying the learning process!

  14. Rebecca! Your cowl looks amazing, what a perfect colour on you! Happy belated birthday too! Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time! (I read that you just celebrated it on the last post...I think I'm responding to the wrong one...)

  15. melissa. thank you so much! :)


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