is october over already?

how did that happen? it was a good month though ;) october is one of my fave months. it always gets me feeling cozy, and extra knitterly (if that's even possible). ;) lots of projects finishing up on the needles this month... including two knit alongs!!! and planning for my first market! yep. it's been eventful, and just plain awesome :)
how was october for you? i'm so looking forward to showing you some of my knitterly goodness! but first... want to see what i've been drooling over lately?

Source: ravelry.com via Rebecca on Pinterest
pattern: audrey by jane richmond
yarn: sweet georgia tough love sock.

goodness it's gorgeous! i know i have soooo much on my plate right now, but i just love this. i did get some birthday money, and i'm seriously considering splurging on some of this lovely yarn... i still have yet to knit with sweet georgia. something i will remedy! so the big questions is.... what colour? what do you think?

as for the weekend. i had a lovely birthday weekend! full of spoiles! my hubby got me some beautiful fall flowers, wine, baileys, candles, and a gift certificate to my lys. yippeee!!!! i spent much of the weekend with my girlfriends. and i felt so loved! knit night, modern sewing group, sushi... coffee treats, pressies... sooo spoiled! i'm a lucky girl :)

i definitely feel ready to tackle november in full force :) but first... a little trick or treating.

hahah baxter isn't wearing the cone anymore... but it was too good of an opportunity to pass up :) are you dressing up?xo


  1. Happy Boo Day to you!

    I wasn't going to dress up but when I discovered I not only had cheap red fabric but also red bias tape and red ribbon, I whipped something up last minute (can you guess what?) I'm going as the Hoodwinked version, though, bellbottom jeans and combat boots. Not the most creative, maybe, but it seemed fated.

    I don't think anyone who sees that Audrey pattern could pass it up...it may be the first Jane Richmond I buy. Although your Spicy Oatmeal certainly has me considering that pattern as well.

    Hope your Halloween is swell.

  2. yay for dressing up! i however am not as organized as you :) what colour would you knit audrey in?
    my little man is going to be a little centurion soldier.. he's quite excited for trick or treating ;) have a great hallowe'en! xo

  3. Hope your little centurion had a marvelous time. It was the girls' first time out so of course they were beyond thrilled.
    Spoil: Sweet Georgia Oxblood or Raspberry
    Spend: Plymouth Happy Feet No. 10, Knitpicks Sock in Summer Bloom or Foliage
    Save: Lion Brand Sock-Ease in Snow Cone

    I usually go with the "save" but isn't it fun to at least drool over the Spend and Spoils? hee hee!

  4. oh goodness, yes! sometimes it's good to splurge. the finished knitting will last longer, and wear better... eeks! so many decisions!
    my little man had a blast. though he fell down in surprise when a firework went off. that kind of ended the night for us. haha but a wonderful time nonetheless.

  5. I dream of being able to make that sweater.

  6. i bet you totally could make it, no? jane's patterns are always so well written. :)


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