shannon fever

these weeks are just flying by! maybe it's because for this little while, i've been posting less often.. but i'm always surprised to see it's friday already! time to relax!

er... no. haha. but there will be lots and lots (and lots) of coffee!
and hey i'm not complaining! as per usual, i've been knitting like a mad woman, and i'm making lots of progress! did any of you catch that jane richmond has published another pattern?

this is a gorgeous cowl called shannon. of course she named it after the luvinthemommyhood shannon. it's soo lovely. so jane published the pattern yesterday... and then i made one, yesterday. hahah

it's such a quick knit! i love it. in fact, i'm casting on for another one today! now really, is that such a surprise? ;)
i just happen to have extra skeins of the lion brand thick and quick. so it's fate.

what do you think? i just looove the little cable in it. it's classic, and modern. perfect.
as for my choice of red lately? i can't help it. haha eventually i'll move onto a different colour :)

what are your weekend plans? i plan on swimming in yarn, hopefully coming up for air here and there! i love chatting with you, and hearing about all of your crafty projects.xo


  1. Oh my gosh it looks soooo unbelievable gorgeous in red, and on you! Becca you are seriously amazing :)


    ...see you soon!

  2. I will be spending time with my Audrey this weekend, but this post has got me thinking I need to bite the bullet and get some "nunchuck" needles and "rope" to knit with...It looks fab on you.


  3. Love it Rebecca! Hey, are you on Twitter? I couldn't find you if you are. :)

  4. hey rosa! i'm not .... yet.. i'm still learning about it. haha. but once i do get on twitter, i'll for sure to let you know!

  5. Love it! Looks so pretty on you! I got my yarn yesterday to make one asap :) We have to get a picture of us all rocking our Shannon's :)

  6. Your Shannon is gorgeous -- great color and it looks terrific on you. I have to cast this on and quick!

  7. I love this pattern. I just bought it today. Thick and Quick is my favorite yarn to knit with. I like to use big needles.

  8. Looks great! I love this pattern, and I have a feeling my mom will be requesting one soon. I haven't even finished the other Jane pattern she requested. LOL!

  9. thanks everyone! yah, it's an awesome pattern. yay jane!!!


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