friday! and a tute :)

happy happy friday!!!!!!

i had the pleasure of being featured on versus a little while back... did ya see it? it was for the beautiful and fun jardain coaster crochet tutorial! did ya make any? guess what? you can now find the full tutorial here on nook. as well! i like to give you options, so you'll find this tute both here and on versus. yeah, i know....awesome! i roll like that ;)

so go grab your coffee, your hook and fave colour of yarn... let's get coaster-happy!

it is my honest opinion that a home can never have enough coasters, inside or out.... well... almost. meet jardain. these little cuties are so adorable, you'll wanna be sure to make a set... or two... ! it's enough to make your fav. tea cup or mug or even mason jar of homemade smoothies exclaim "oh la la!" so quick, grab your hook and let's get started!

this is a great project even for the very beginner crocheter. and they make perfect gifts from house warming to stocking stuffers.. (eeks! already??) to just because... they're a fairly instant gratification project. i know what you're thinking... "sa-weeeet". yeah, i know.

oh, and props to my pal shannon of luvinthemommyhood  and of versus (she is pretty amazing, you know) who snapped the above photo. that pretty set of coasters, i gifted to her for her bday. i heart that she loves them.

so here's what you'll need:

4.0mm/US 6 hook
worsted weight yarn. ... each coaster really really doesn't take much, just use up some scraps for this little project.


with your crochet hook, loosely chain (ch) 4 stitches (st). then join with a slipped stitch (sl.st.) to the first ch to make a ring.

rnd 1: make 8 single crochet (sc) inside the ring. sl.st. in your first sc

rnd 2: ch.2. 2sc in the second ch. from hook and continue with 2sc in every stitch around. you have now doubled your stitch count to 16 sts. make a sl.st. in the first ch. of this round. ... in this way, you are basically crocheting a spiral. see?

rnd 3: ch.2. sc in second ch. from hook and in every st. around. sl.st in first ch. of round.

rnd 4: ch.2. 2sc in second ch. from hook and continue with 2sc in every ch. around. sl st. in 1st ch. (36 sts)

rnd 5: ch.2. sc in second ch. from hook and in every ch. around. sl.st in 1st ch. of round.

rnd 6: ch.2. sc in second ch. from hook, sc, 2sc in next ch, *(sc, sc, 2sc)* repeat from * to * around until last ch. sc. join with sl st. to 1st ch. of round. 46 st. total.

rnd 7: ch.4 sl st. in 5th ch. from hook. *(ch4, skip 4st, sl st. in 5th ch)* repeat from * to * around until 6st remain. ch 4, sl st. in 3rd st from hook, ch4, sl st. in last st. of rnd. you will have created 10 loops.

rnd 8: 6dc in 1st loop space created. sl st. in previous rnd's sl. st. continue around in this manner. 6dc's in every loop space, with a sl. st. in between.

draw a knot through final loop. sew in ends.
and you're done!

see? easy peasy lemon squeezy. enjoy!!!

have a wonderful weekend! what do you have planned?(other than making coasters haha) i've got some crafting on the go! and now that celebrate color is underway, so many things are inspiring me!! (surprise surprise)  lotsa knitting, and a little bit of gift giving ;)  any last minute cramming of fun in before school starts next week? come chat, i'd love to hear from you!


  1. Awwww, thanks again for the coasters. I do love them and in fact I'm using one right now :)

  2. now that most definitely makes my morning! <3

  3. OOOH OOOH!!! That's AMAZING! I've been wondering what the heck I was going to do for coasters! .... too much fun being had... I'm going to have to tone it down a notch...

    Thanks for stopping by the blog! I think you should DEFS join the 30 days of lists.. I don't think it's too late!

    In other news I'm working on my mum to take a class with me... We are thinking the oatmeal sweater... I have the pattern for jane's new cardigan and I really need help on sweater making in general (that's pretty much the only knitting I haven't tackled as of yet)

    I wish I had your job! Teaching knitting classes sounds devine! Do you think they would ever want to do drop spindle spinning classes?

  4. Yup this is on my to-make list...I think you're right about the Christmas pressie part, they'd be perfect :)

  5. yay! a coaster club!! (kind of). they're so quick and easy to make... and yes.. perfect for christmas. so glad you guys think so too! :)

  6. Ooh, I've never actually crocheted but I want to try these really bad!! I usually wait till the first snowfall to pull out the yarn, but I don't really have a reason for it, so I'm going to start early:)
    p.s. hi Grace! :)

  7. yay sarah!!! i wanna see pics when you've got them done! :)

  8. I like the pictures in this one :) Maybe you could add some pictures to your huggie cup sleeves?

    Jen B <3

  9. thanks Jen! yes, since i made this tutorial, i had taken more pics of the mug hugs... let's see what i can do! :)


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