today marks the launch of celebrate color!!

Source: flickr.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

luvinthemommyhood had mentioned should we feel inspired to do so, to post about colour, fiber round-ups, or musings of fall colours today.. well do i feel inspired! ha. always. especially in the fall. love it! however, since yesterday's post was basically a fall fiber round-up, i'll take it a bit of a different direction today :)

 source: 1.weheartit.com 2. google.co.uk

i am so excited for this 3 month long (yes you read that right, three months) celebration of colour! i can only hope that i'll be able to knit as much as i want to.. well no that's not realistic at all.. fat chance i'd be able to pull that one off.. haha, but i can sure try!!
you know the yarns i've been coveting, and the colours that have been catching my eye.. how about a few patterns i'd looooove to knit up? yes? thought so.

source 1.autumn leaves stole by brooklyntweed 2. marthastewart.com 3. shortsleeved sweater pinterest

well it's a little more than a few... but aren't they all lovely? if i could knit up just a couple of them i'd be a very happy girl :)

source: 1 willow block blanket on ravelry 2. rae by jane richmond
i'm a sucker for the retro colours of this crochet blanket, and lucky me i've already cast on for rae! yippee!!! i want to wear it so badly!!

source:1 danforth pullover on ravelry 2. stockholm scarf on ravelry 3. google.com

i have wanted to make the danforth pullover since i first saw it probs a year ago now.. but it calls for quince & co. yarn. eeps! that's a hard one to come by out here, unless it's an online order....  and the stockholm scarf.. well you've heard me drool over that one (i mean.. well no i don't drool loudly... you know what i mean).

so yes. i'm an excited girl for this knitting season! i have to shout out a huge thank you to rachel of stitched in color, emma lamb, mollie of wild olive, and shannon of luvinthemommyhood who have gathered forces and are throwing this big celebration for us! you rock!!!!

has the knitting bug bitten you yet? if not, it should... real soon...

are you joining in with celebrate color? what are your fave fall colors? do you have a project already started? it doesn't even have to be knitted! sewing is all good too!! do share!!! this is one of my fave. topics, in case you didn't know  :)


  1. Yippee! love your post! I'm so glad you're excited about Celebrate Color! It's going to be so fun!

  2. thanks! i'm jumping in with both feet. it's gonna be sooo great! now just to grab a pumpkin spice latte and i'm the happiest! :)

  3. Lovely! Nook, I've seen some of your work around. Love your style and your logo. Thanks for posting. I hope you'll add a link to this post in my linky today: http://www.stitchedincolor.com/2011/09/celebrate-color-fall-palette.html

  4. oh man, you are making me want to learn to knit! Really love that woodburning-oven photo.

  5. thanks rachel! i posted a link in your linky! :) it's under rebecca.
    you've got me excited for fall! :)

  6. jessica - i am also a sucker for woodburning stoves :) i was lucky enough to grow up with them. it was our main source of heat in the house. soo cozy! :)

  7. I love your style!! Great choices. I am a seasonal knitter who spends more time ripping than stitching (which is why I lose interest and only knit when it's cold out!!) I was already thinking of getting my needles out, but after seeing your pics, I'm ready to line up projects too!

  8. Ooh, yes! Crisp and cozy. I like it. Great inspiration!

  9. thanks everyone!! i just loooove fall and winter! the colours, the coziness... it's hard not to be inspired ;)

  10. mmmm yummy!! beautiful blog you have!
    : )
    sewing in Saskatoon

  11. thank you monika! i'm always excited to meet other crafty bloggers :)

  12. Your Fall inspirations are all lovely! I'm joining in Celebrate Color, too!!! It's going to be fun!


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