warning. objects in photos are definitely drool worthy. towel probably required.

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i'm usually a very focused person, and have always liked being productive. i thrive on it. especially when it comes to my knitting. (i really have been called crazy on that front. bahah), but this is the thing that has been keeping me from being uber productive.

ever since my splurge of madelinetosh at little knits in seattle, i have been having a hard time focusing on many other yarns, save a few.  and these would be, (in no particular order)
sweet georgia yarns,

the plucky knitter,


as well as the madelinetosh. which is the very first pic in this post. it's ok. go get your towel... i'll wait :) honestly. i am spending a dangerous amount of my time oogling over pinterest and ravelry, and etsy at these gorgeous yarns!

seriously! it's not fair (as though i'm really complaining here), how am i supposed to concentrate when all i want to do is knit amazing beautiful lovlies out of all of this yarn!!!

can you???  yeah, i didn't think so :)

 source:1 waldorfmama.typepad.com 2.mryarn.com
3.madelinetosh.com 4.ravelry.com

so now you can see why i've been having a hard time concentrating! wouldn't this be an incredible stash to own? totally wishful thinking. haha but still... ***swoon***
at least i'm off to a start! i do have a skein of madelinetosh pashmina yarn. and the project for it?

it will be perfect

what yarns are you coveting at the moment? if you could get your hands on any yarn out there what would it be? and what would be the the project for it? i'd love to know your yarn loves and patterns! i'm totally in the mood to chat fibers, and i've got lots of coffee!


  1. I have been coveting yarn love's Elizabeth Bennett sock yarn for months. Seriously I have a major yarn crush on it, mostly because I love the name but really you can't go wrong with a merino/silk/bamboo blend can you? Now that I think about it I do have some birthday money still...mhmm maybe I'll get some soon ;)

    Just in case you want to check it out too http://www.ravelry.com/yarns/library/yarn-love-elizabeth-bennet


  2. My mother and I went into a yarn store here in Ottawa today and they had a WALL of Mission Falls 1824 wool on SALE because it's discontinued... after buying over 30 balls of the stuff when it was on sale at Cloth Castle last year - and then using it all - I was soooooooo tempted. Alas, the belt on my pocketbook prevailed and I didn't touch it. I cannot wait until I've knit through my current stash and am allow myself to start "rebuilding"!

  3. Ooohhh...I LOVE the yarn p0rn, definitely great eye candy!! I haven't knit with MadTosh Pashmina yet, but a friend of mine just knit a shawl out of some and it is absolutely lovely!! I'm contemplating on getting some to make a cardigan out of, but 2 things are stopping me: I should really be knitting from stash and I kind of want to knit it out of some SweetGeorgia Cashluxe Fine. I think in the end it all boils down to colour and will I wear it knit in the colour I want.

    I'm super curious about the Plucky Knitter yarn, and recently saw an insanely delicious green skein on her blog! Made me drool uncontrollably!

  4. buffy - i can definitely see why you're coveting elizabeth bennet yarns. ohh soo yummy! what will you make when you get your hands on some?

    sarah-mae - i can't believe you walked out of a yarn store without buying!!! that's amazing! good for you for working through your stash ;) but did you know that cloth castle often has sales in their shop too? yep even off of malabrigo! oohhh can't wait!

    melissa - i have never knit with sweet georgia yet, or plucky knitter! can't wait.. as i did just win a giveaway for some yarn from plucky knitter. bliss!

  5. Well if I could afford it I'd make a featherweight cardigan. Though I'm uncertain if I have the fortitude to make an adult sweater out of a sock weight.

  6. I could look at yarn all day, too. I often have to force myself to unplug and just knit with the very stuff I want to ogle as I have some stashed. Weird. But glad to know I'm not alone :).

  7. lol sandra. if you ever need anyone to help you through your stash, you just let me know ;)
    buffy, you could totally make the featherweight out of sock yarn.. just plan waaaay ahead hee hee :)


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