hold onto your hats!

today is actually a holiday for us here in canada... but i couldn't wait until tomorrow to share what i just found out.... did you see the prizes for celebrate color for september?!

oh.em.geeee makes me soooo happy!!!!! honestly!!!! if you hadn't considered joining in, you certainly should now!!!
seriously people!!! tonns of fabric, patterns, the cutest needlepoint kits, and yarn.. oh such yummy yarn!!! here's a little sneak peek!! but you're gonna have to go check out rachel's post today. she's got the goods, people!

and this is just for the month of september!!! go check out celebrate color. and join in! you know you wanna...

have you joined in the three month long celebration of color? do you have any fave projects lined up? i sure do? what are you up to today? any crafty goodness on the go? i'd love to hear from you!!


  1. Oh, that's just the perfect picture for how I feel about these prizes. Thanks for sharing it with us! Good luck, Nook!


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