back to school!

it's here! whether we're ready for it or not.

back to routine. and i'm excited about it! though my little man is too young for school just yet, we're back into organization in high hear. and you know what? we've missed the routine. lately he's been just so ready for a change. so a change it is!

this year
:: he's starting timbits soccer! soo cute!!!
:: we'll do swimming lessons again
:: he'll learn how to write his name without the computer's keypad ;)
:: we'll join a library book reading club
:: meal planning will not be forgotten
:: much much knitting will be done, and taught
:: hopefully nook. will make a first appearance at a christmas market!
:: regular play dates are a must
:: starting strong start!

for those of you unfamiliar with strong start bc, it's an early learning program that provides school-based early learning activities for children aged from birth to five years old.  it's what i'm going to do with the little man before starting preschool next fall.  (!!!)

so yes. we have many plans and goals. and the above lists only a few. september has always seemed like a good time to "start fresh" ya know? even though it's not the beginning of a calendar year, it's a beginning of sorts. and well, i love fall :) the hubs is off to sea again in a bit.. and i find i need routine more than ever. it will be good though. we're (kind of) ready for it.

we won't always have it down but it's good to have goals... and i feel good about this year :)

how about you? do you have little ones going on their very first day of school? how do you prepare for the big changes in routine? do you put out a list of goals? fun things to try in the new school year? are you excited about this change of pace? i'd love to hear your thoughts! let's chat. coffee is on!


  1. Wish we lived closer and could chat over a coffee! Enjoy those play dates! You'll miss them when they're gone. ;)

  2. thanks rosa! yes it sure would be nice to catch up!

  3. YAY! that sounds like a great start to me!

  4. it's the same for myself, september is like the begging of the year. a long list of plans and goals, but sometimes it' s difficult to achive them! (I have two girls, one of 5 years old and one of 9 months!) you're always full of energy and it's a pleasure to read your blog!:)

  5. I've often thought that September would be a much better month to start the first of the year than January. Not sure why though, probably because summer is coming to an end and it signals the start of school, routine and preparation for holidays and winter. It is a great fresh start, not to mention the knitter's fave time of year (provided you live in the northern hemisphere) SWEATER SEASON. I'm stil working on my sweater and hope I can finish it up on time :)

    I'm working hard at finding that groove with the school routine. My second son just started soccer for the first time and I'm trying out a new plan for meals. So lots of new things for us. Hope your week is good too!

  6. buffy, you sound so super busy already! i'm sure you'll find your groove.

    thanks ilaria for the blog love!!! you make me blush:)

    so excited for this knitting season! we'll all have much to talk/write about! :)


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