road trip!

yippeeee! it's friday! but it's not just any friday, we're starting our family vacation! we've decided to take a road trip for the occasion. it's gonna be great, and we'll make lots of memories....good ones....  and i want you to come too!

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bahahah don't worry. when it's my turn to drive, the knitting will take a rest ;) but never fear, it's always close by. it's really important to me that i continue the blogging while we're away.  and besides, i would just miss you all too much. also, i've got a ton of knitting that needs to be done in preparation for the  fall and winter class schedule... so i'll have lots to talk about and share.

yes folks!! it's up! the fall/winter class schedule!

i am so excited for what this fall will bring! did you take a look at the link for the class schedule? go do it!! (then come back). did you see? we are featuring jane richmond's patterns! woo hoo!!! also, we'll be learning an elizabeth zimmerman pattern as well!  oh goodness, this fall is going to be full of yarny goodness. i just know it!

jane is such a talented designer, and i can't wait to be teaching her patterns!

1. Begbie Cowl 2. Autumn Hat 3. Marion 4. Jane Hat

her patterns are clear, and easy to follow. and i just love her style! any of these will make great gifts (if you feel you can part with them) :)

1.Oatmeal Pullover 2. Aesderina Hat

all of these patterns will be available for classes and for purchase at the cloth castle! to see lots more of jane's patterns you can find her at her etsy shop, ravelry, and her blog. i tell ya, this is going to be a very exciting fall and winter! i just want one of everything to add to my wardrobe!

do you live in victoria, bc? want to take a class?

to register for a class click here and get all of your info. classes start pronto, so you'll want to register early! the staff at the cloth castle are super friendly and always happy to help with any questions you might have.
i'm especially excited for the knitting season this year, because the cloth castle is currently undergoing some big changes! the knitting area will be in it's own little "nook".. it will be so nice to browse and immerse yourself in yarn! i can hardly wait!

now let's see if i can keep on top of everything while on our trip! in the meantime, i've got a ton of organizing to do... and i think the key is focus. i'm bringing my laptop, and of course plenty of needles and yarn. speaking of needles... eek! i might be ordering the knit picks soon! they have a swift for sale until monday! i need a swift.

i've got a busy weekend ahead... we're finishing up the crochet baby blanket class, and let's not forget knit night!! i love me my knit nights. we also have to pick our new flooring.. (wouldn't it be nice if it could be installed while we're away?) ...

how is your weekend looking? are you planning on taking any classes this fall? are you as excited about the knitting class schedule as i am? i'd love to hear about what you're creating, and what your weekend plans are. have you traveled with young children much? what are your tips for a big road trip?


  1. Hooray! This is so exciting Rebecca! You are such an awesome teacher, these classes are going to be amazing!

  2. squeeeee! hahah you've got me blushing now ;)


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