organized... or excited!

it's just before the beginning of fall... and we're fast approaching my favourite time of the year for knitting. (and for most knitters, really).

i know, i know! it's still summer... and i bet you're saying "hang on! what's the rush?" but before you get yourselves all in a panic... it's really not so bad! and there's a lot of planning to be done! this summer has really flown by, hasn't it? i mean it's already the 11th of august! and before we know it, we'll be completely immersed in autumn knitting....

source www.naturalsuburbia.blogspot.com
and i want to be ready!
and so i have completely immersed myself.

there are many things to be planning for! a lot of samples for the classes, orders to fill, a christmas market to plan for, not to mention christmas gifts!
i am embracing this time almost as much as a breath of fresh air! i love the opportunity to be surrounded by lovely fibers, and new projects. and the opportunity to wear them! to say i am excited about knitting, and wool... is really an understatement.

...and those who know me, know that statement to be very true :)

 and so... the planning stages have begun! and samples are being made.
so here's a tiny sneak peak at one of the classes i'll be teaching...

how cute, hey? i'm so very excited to be teaching some of jane richmond's patterns!
if you're living in the victoria area on the west coast of canada.... come, sign up for a class! you know you want to be ready for the cooler months too!

have you started thinking about your fall knitting and crochet schedule? are you getting excited about handmade gifts for the holiday season? have you considered taking a class before? i'd love to chat, and the coffee is on!

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