...and we're off!

as you're reading this, we are on the road! so excited! we got up at 4am, to bundle in the car and catch the first ferry. c.r.a.z.y.

here's hoping nothing seriously important has been forgotten.... but really, we'll deal with it if something has been forgotten.
first stop... seattle! i'm uber excited about this because i've done my homework and found a shop who sells the knit picks interchangeable needles! yippee! so i'm hoping i can save some moola by buying it in the US.
who knows, i could be knitting with my new babies in just a few days!!!

i am absolutely convinced that they will enable me to knit better, and faster.

how could they not? :) i am destined to be a super-hero knitter ;)
i am bringing sooo much knitting with me. the plan? to finish almost all of the samples for the upcoming classes. !!! it will be done. i can do it, .....right? totally.

my weekend was great! the baby blanket crochet class finished up, and there were some beautiful results! i'll post more about that this week... also, we took knit night to a lounge... and it was soooo fun!
i don't think any too many mistakes were made :)
i just love the opportunity to sit and chat... and knit. bliss!

we had lots of great chats, and a little bit of wine...

how was your weekend? did you get some creative time in? were you able to share your crafty time with friends? i'd love to hear how you're doing! even though i'm on the road, i still check this space often! come, say hi!! let's chat!


  1. Seattle!!!! Oh that's only 5 hours from me! Darn that we came home yesterday as we would have been closer. I love my knit picks interchangables! They are seriously The Bomb! Hubs got them for me for no other reason than to surprise me and say that he loves me. I got them almost 4 years ago when they first came out, just before a knitting retreat...what can I say He loves me :)

    Hope you're having a good time.

  2. Weeeee! that is one very awesome gift! wowza!
    i'm super excited to start using them!!! can't wait!!!

  3. awww. miss you too!! but i'll be home next week. xo


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