deliriously happy

we survived the fist day! haha, of course we did :)

though right off the bat we started dealing with awesomeness... like our fan in the car died... (the night before)... but miraculously started up again today.. weird... but i'll take it. and then.. uber sadness.. our camera died 3 pictures into the trip.

i can't help but laugh. of course it would pick now to die... sigh. so we picked up a new camera... and all is well. annnnd i got me my knit picks! eeks! and my very first skein of madelinetosh pashmina yarn!

aaaahhh sweet bliss! i'm soo happy!!!!! the colour i chose is saffron... a little darker than the one pictured, but i loooooovvveee it! also, now i'm really hoping my classes book up this fall now. hahaha. but they're worth it. :)
i bought my new needles and this to die for yarn at little knits in seattle. such a cute store! i will definitely go back the next time i'm in the area. i just love meeting new knitters, and ravelry friends! it does a knitter's soul good :)

the hubs got in a baseball game, so he's a happy guy too. he admitted to me earlier that he was determined to get me to the little knits shop so that i could get my knit picks, because he was going to the jays game... haha sure that's fair! personally i think i got the better end of this deal. but don't tell him that ;) all in all, not bad for a monday!  so far this trip has started out great!!

now i've got to get some knitting in before i crash for the night.

how was your monday? full of any surprises? did they turn out for the better by the end of the day? any tips on what my skein of madelinetosh pashmina should become? i'm still checking this space as often as i can, so leave me a note! i'd love to chat with ya!


  1. You got your needles!!! By the time you get back we'll all have them! So glad your blogging from the road, I wouldn't want to fall behind on your daily blurbs :)

  2. Cute post. Seattle is great! Were you two alone?

  3. My husband is a big baseball fan too! I love it when I find something that my husband loves as much as my yarn so that I can exploit it, scratch that, use that knowledge to my yarn buying benefit :)

  4. weeee! soo happy to hear from all of you!!
    Jane - yes, so happy to be using my beautiful knitpicks!
    Rosa - nope, we have Owen with us... we're still on the road! in Calgary tonight! He's such a little trouper!
    Buffy - lol! yep, that's totally what I was thinking!


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