crazy lovely

the new floor is going in today, (that part's the crazy) and the craft room/office is mainly a storage spot for many things that should be living downstairs... so as i sit amongst all of the "stuff" in large piles around me... i thought i'd show you a pattern i've just fallen in love with. (and this part is the lovely) :)

really just. we met last night. so the butterflies are there, and the uncontrollable smiles whenever i look at it. bahah, yes. i need to knit this lovely.

it just looks so perfect for fall! don't you agree? the pattern is called stockholm scarf. you can find it here on ravelry. do you remember the make up your mind tank? well it's by the same person! knittedblissJC is really so talented! i love her work!
the pattern calls for a 6.0mm needle, and some dk yarn. i can handle that! i'm not sure what yarn to use though... thoughts? i'd like to get something nice for it, that's for sure :) wouldn't it be lovely to use tannis fibre arts yarn?

this pattern has actually been around a while... i don't know why i haven't seen it sooner, but it's ok.. i see it now. and i love it. and i want it ;)

and now i bet you do too.. maybe we should start a fall kal on this one? hrmmm that might be a good idea!
but today i have to find my sewing machine, to get my labels sewn on the samples that are to be dropped off today... let's hope i can find it!

how is your day going? looking forward to fall and coveting some lovely squishy fall patterns? what are some of your favourites that you're coming across? i'd love to hear about it!


  1. Totally gorgeous! Now I'm thinking that I should also get around to knitting a huge cowl before the weather gets too cool... hmmmm... :P Enabler!!!

  2. hahaha well i do my best ;)

  3. Oh, I fell in love with this cowl after reading the Tanis Fiber Arts blog! I would love to knit this in some TFA, but sadly I only have 1 skein in all the colours I have. I think Tanis used 2 skeins for the one she made. i absolutely LOVE how lush it looks!

  4. I love this cowl, too! Great pick. I have picked up one skein of TFA but it's gorgeous so definitely see more in my future. I am celebrating a milestone bday this month & my wishes are for yarn and more yarn. Fingers crossed, maybe I'll get some lovelies for this :).

  5. melissa, and sandra you have TFA??? sooo nice! i really want to try her yarn! sandra.. my fingers are crossed for your yarn wish! can't wait to see what you make!
    i'm loving this cowl so much i'm thinking maybe a KAL... anyone?


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