we made it!!!

but with only a few hours to spare! how's that for timing? what i mean is that once we got back from our road trip, the very next morning (which is today) this is what happened :

yep. the floor is ripped out. we had a leak in our dishwasher and didn't know about it until after it came up through the flooring... if you look on the bottom left pic, you can see where the floor is still wet...
sooo i get a new floor! and also a new dishwasher... totally excited about that :)

but it means that life is very chaotic at the moment. we've barely unpacked.. well no, who am i kidding, we're not unpacked yet... and the downstairs is pretty unlivable... can't really prepare a meal in that kitchen...
i asked the hubs nicely to reconnect the internet so that i could write to you guys! i've missed you so..

the new floor will be in thursday, and the cleanup crew will come in on friday... reinstalling the baseboards etc... so it's a little crazy here :)

i totally know you understand, but i still wanted to come in and say hi!! i've gotten a lot of knitting done while we were away, and i can hardly wait to show you!

in the meantime though, i am putting the finishing touches up on the samples for the fall and winter classes!! there will be another big post on that soon.

speaking of big posts, i felt soo special to be a part of versus. did you get a chance to peek at it? very soon, the tutorial will also be up on this blog too.  lots of exciting stuff to share with you in the upcoming days!

but how are you doing? what have you been up to this past week? any exciting projects on the go? this would also include home reno's :)  i'd love to hear about it!! leave a comment, and let's chat!


  1. Wow, that's quite a lot you've got going on over there!! Look forward to seeing what you've been working on!

  2. thanks rosa! i'll be much more relaxed once the floors are in :)

  3. Yay! You're back :) I hope you had a wonderful time. I've been making creative progress...but not all in knitting;)

  4. buffy-- i saw you've been sewing!! how exciting! i wish i was as adventurous with my machine ;)


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