as promised!

i told ya! i've been knitting :)
with summer almost here.. (a girl can dream) i thought a nice summer top was in order. i fell in love with make up your mind by knittedblissJC. you can find the pattern and her info here or if you don't have a ravelry account yet (and really you should) the info is also found here. so without further ado... look!!

i love how there are so many variations of stitch patterns that are worked up in this beauty. i have to say, i learned a bit on this project too! i've never made a racerback top before, let alone knit one! so i have to say, i'm pretty pleased.

see? look at the detail! i had never done the hindu pillar stitch before. i love the effect! ... it's in the fourth band from the bottom....  neat, hey? the hindu pillar stitch is actually a process where you purl 3 together, then knit the same 3 sts together, then purl the same 3 sts together before letting it off the needle.. thereby not decreasing any sts. though it must be said.. this stitch slows the process down a fair bit.. but that's ok. the whole tank isn't done in it, so it's fine.

and now for the yarn.

this is a first for me, knitting in cotton like this. (i know, crazy isn't it?) but i love it! i really do! it was so nice to work with. and very gentle on my hands. i like winding my own skeins by hand because that way i can inspect the yarn before i actually knit with it.. and i know what to expect...
this little project took me 2 skeins to make up. and it was surprisingly quick! the different stitch patterns made the whole tank top come together rather quickly.

i think this will be a great staple to my wardrobe this summer! so go, check it out! and dare to try it for yourselves!

what are you working on for the summer? tops? cardi's? skirts? leave me a comment and we'll talk summer wardrobe!


  1. Oh, I want to make this too! I love your idea about hand winding your yarn to inspect it...never would have thought of it, but it makes sense. I usually am in a hurry (what with 5 kids and all) but I might look forward to some good old fashioned hand winding, especially when I'm using a new yarn.

    The top looks awesome too!


  2. i'd be in a hurry too with 5 kids :) do you have a skein winder? i'd like to have one eventually... but yet, sometimes it's just nice to wind it on my own... as long as it's not a 2 or 4 ply that's 1300yds. haha

  3. how do I suggest your blog to friends...I have an 11 year old niece that, so far, only knits scarves...I'd like to suggest that she check out your page. Maybe you have some ideas for the novice knitter, too?

  4. @Anonymous -- absolutely! i love hearing from everyone, and any tips or requests, i'm eager to comply to! i have lots of knitting ideas, from novice to more advanced that i hope to chat and blog about. also, any questions, i'm happy to do my absolute best to answer :) nook. will be linked to facebook very shortly, so stay tuned for that link! also, if you look beside comments at the bottom of the post, you have an option to email that post to someone. it looks like an M over top of an envelope. does this help?

  5. This is gorgeous, Rebecca! I'm not working on anything really these days, but I love seeing what you're up to! Great colour, too!

  6. Yes I have a ball winder! Husband got it for me a couple years ago as a surprise (it wasn't my birthday or anniversary). He purchased it through Knit Picks...I love it as it has the option to attach to a table/counter or it has a handheld attachment. I know here in the states the price is reasonable with shipping but I know how hard that can be for you up north.

  7. oh goodness, you lucky duck! what a wonderful husband!!! that really is a perfect gift :)

  8. Okay, since I just found your blog, am going thru your posts...thinking my Rav queue is going to be a copycat of all your projects :), hmn.... Love this!

  9. haha. thanks so much!! but it will be me copying your knitting pattern choices, i think ;) great minds think alike. :)


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