smells like spring

i think it's safe to say that spring is actually here! huzzah! i know i have little to complain about... the west coast of canada is beautiful, and rather mild compared to most of the rest of canada.... however, it has been a record cold winter and spring... the buds are about a month late, at least. but at last i have some herbs out on my balcony!!

yes! that is rosemary, chives, cilantro, and basil. yummm... it smells so lovely out there now! i really wanted to have a tomato plant out as well, however i was so unsuccessful last year because it just didn't get warm enough. we have a covered balcony you see, so the full sun is a tricky thing. it's ok. hopefully these herbs will do well. i am most definitely a beginner balcony gardener... haha, though i did grow up on a hobby farm. it's different though, growing on a balcony as opposed to growing out in the ground.

for mother's day, i got a wonderful gift. my balcony got a little mini makeover, and is now ready to be enjoyed this summer! we're so excited to reclaim this space. it's small, but it's ours. :)

 cozy hey? and i love love the hanging basket.

this little birdhouse was a project that my little man and his opa made together. it's sweet. we put it up a little late, so i'm sure it will sit "on the market" until one lucky bird family makes it their home probably next year 

i'm also a big fan of lanterns :)

see? what a lovely gift! i have the best family.

i know no knitting post today, but don't you worry! i've got a little something to share with you tomorrow. stay tuned!

how are you welcoming spring? are any of you "balcony gardeners" like myself? i'd love to share tips! leave me a comment and let me know how you're doing!


  1. Thanks so much! Make sure Reiner gets a chance to see this post :)


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