get going!!!

it's time i stop this procrastination thing. time to get the ball rolling :) well i shouldn't say that i've really been procrastinating.... i have been getting some stuff done... but you know... it just feels like i haven't been doing it often enough, or fast enough... or something. ...

soo.. it's time to do this

i think this looks like a good plan, no? and i do have plans! i'm working on the craft room/play room... so many ideas! i love finally having a space to really spread out and create. and it's so wonderful that owen can play in there with me :) what do you think of this as a decoration??

what an awesome idea!! hrmmm...
as for classes, they're going great! the ladies i'm teaching are wonderful students, and we are all really enjoying ourselves. i hope to see much more of them in the future... hopefully we can start another class up soon! we are now half way through the sweater class. i will post pictures soon!

spring is here, and it's making me feel excited about crafting!

that helps me get out of the procrastination hump. lots of exciting things working in my head. i'm really wanting to give our little balcony a makeover. i really want it to be a space where i can spend some relaxing time out this summer. i'm even going to dig out my little sewing machine for this project! yippee! but don't you worry, the knitting needles will be flying too.. :)

what are you working on these days? are you as excited for spring and summer as i am?

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