remember when?

 ....summers were full of play, swimming, fishing, dancing, crafting, marshmallow roasting, and bbq'ing...
i have extremely fond memories of summer, growing up. we were so fortunate to have a family cottage on the rideau.

it's still in the family, my uncle and his family now have it... so it's nice to know that we can still see the cottage sometime.

our family has a history of nicknames... for everything from our cottages, windermere and bo-peep to the granny goat's path that takes you up past the 20 foot, 30 foot, and 40 foot cliffs and past murderer's gulch to charlie, marley and moe... and the far cabin... where my great aunt used to write. (don't worry... as far as i know, no-one was actually murdered.)

 even the treehouse has a name... tree-tops! and you can't forget to have your turn on the flimsy-whimsy! (a trapeze that swings out over the water.. which is when you let go)

the cottages are both undergoing a lot of changes right now, in modernizing and saftey-ing.. actually, some things have been taken down. but it's still a very cherished place to me, and will always be. it still looks beautiful, and the work that's been going on has been incredible!  (from what i can tell of the pictures)

one fond memory i have is of crafting with my cousin. we spent many an hour making knotted bracelets. do you remember those? so colourful, and fun! and definitely summer-y. not too long ago, i found a link on how to make them, and it brought back a woosh of memories, and that i just had to make some this year. it's a great tutorial, and i think you should definitely make some too!

i so wish we could just hop in the car and head over to the cottage, but we live too far away for that right now. maybe another year... i can however still enjoy some of my wonderful memories, and even re-live them! so i did :)


and goodness was it ever fun! now i just have to make more. i want a wrist-full ;) and i know it will bring be back....

do you have very fond memories of summering when you were young? any must make crafts that help to re-live the younger days? let's all grab some embroidery thread and get bracelet making this summer!  what are your fav colours to use?


  1. This makes me think you should go to Alberta so Owen can have these kinds of memories.


  2. And if you have an extra camper -- can I come too?

  3. So funny! I was just going to try making those chevron friendship bracelets this weekend!! I used to make them and sell them in gr. 5, everyone wanted one, and I sold them for a buck. lol

  4. lemon! camping with you is always fun! :)

    rosa- yay for chevron bracelets! i hope you make lots ;) i actually just got more embroidery thread for this weekend...

  5. So Many fantastic memories in those pictures! Your sister and I made our fair share of various friendship bracelets most likely while hanging out at the cottage ;)

    1. aww yes! fond memories indeed! how are you doing? missing you! xo


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