love for the magic (loop method)

we're always learning. always trying new techniques, and no matter how long you've been knitting, or crafting, or creating... there's always a new surprise in store for us. ...right?

well for me it's the magic loop method!

when jane richmond came out with her legwarmer pattern on luvinthemommyhood's online mag called versus i was uber excited.

not just because it's legwarmers, but it called for the magic loop method, and i had never actually done that before! jane has a great tutorial on the method here. so check it out!

and make many, many pairs of legwarmers. you'll always find a use for them. :)

 i wasen't ever really afraid of this method before, but because i hadn't learned how to do it before, i just stuck with my dpns.  well no longer! if i can get away with the magic loop method, i'm doing that instead!

pattern: legwarmers by jane richmond
yarn: cascade yarns soft spun
needle: 5.0mm/us8

check out my ravelry page to see my other comments on this project!

 oi. i'm hooked.. pun totally intended.

have you tried the magic loop method before? what are some of the techniques you'd love to learn to help enhance your knitting skills? are you a legwarmer fan like i am? leave me a comment, i'm in the mood to chat, and i love your company :)


  1. Awesome Rebecca, I love them!

    ...I feel the same way about the magic loop, after learning I couldn't believe it had taken me so long to try it out!

  2. haha, and now i look for projects where i have to use the method! it's a good technique to know ;)


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