a sunny disposition served with caramel

i know it's tuesday and all, but i am really excited! i have so been looking forward to this post! thanks to shannon from luvinthemommyhood in more ways than one, i can show you the fruits of my labour!
as you already know, my KAL is finished. yes. i'm a crazed knitter.... obsessive really, no big deal. ;) wanna see?

before i go all lovey-crazy-smothery-you know what i mean...... here are the details of the sweater
pattern: caramel by isabell kraemer
needle: 3.75mm/us5
yarn: sirdar country style dk.

first off. this is a wonderful sweater, and a very straightforward pattern. it was so very easy to follow, and made for extremely relaxing knitting! so thank you isabell! you rock!

the sweater is knit from the top down, and the only seaming is in the underarms. my kind of knitting!
the sleeve shaping was a little different than what i had knit before, and i rather like the effect!

 i love the simplicity of the cardi, and the detail is just enough. i am a sucker for stripes, so i was called to this pattern already, but the solid colour just below the elbow?  love.

you like it too, don't you?

the drape is great, it's comfortable, it's warm, it's perfect!

i honestly had no issues with this pattern. it was a joy to knit, very easy to understand. bonus... i want to wear it always! 

oh.my... i really love this sweater! i bet you do too... it's sooo soft, and just as the pattern says, it's a blanket style cardi. it's a squishy love hug. 

 a ridiculously huge thank-you to shannon for taking these pics! you are ah-mazing! not only did she make me look gorge in my frumpy mama hair, while i was battling a cold, but she did it with a sleeping babe snuggled into her! seriously! luckily the older kiddlets were easily distracted with hot chocolate and marshmallows. (yeah... it's been that kind of summer here)
but also, she's the host for the KAL! so if you're feeling like joining in, please do! just click on the pic below for the deets.


it's going on until sept 1st.so you've got plenty of time! also, i'm one of the lucky ones who is sponsoring the KAL. can't wait to be helping out in donating some prizes ;)

have you ever taken part in a knit-a-long before? ever thought of trying? now is the time! those of you who are in the KAL, how is your progress coming along? i'd really, honestly love to hear about it! post links to your pics here so we can all see! i love getting comments from you, and i'm always in the mood to chat. ...honestly, ask the hubs ;)


  1. You look gorgeous my dear as does your pretty sweater! So happy I got to help ya out :) It was fun! Luv ya!

  2. Sweet!! That looks SO comfy! Almost makes me want to learn to knit. ;)

  3. It's so gorgeous!!! I love it on you, I love the colours you chose. You are such a fast knitter!

    Your hair and pics are perfection!
    (...Shannon? of course :)

  4. Wonderful job! The colours you picked look fabulous on you!! I have to say that the solid colour below the elbows has to be my favourite detail too! When I saw your WIP I had to add this pattern to my queue! Thanks! :)

  5. i'm really loving this sweater!but how could i not? it's a great pattern :)

  6. It is amazing!! I absolutely adore the colors you picked--I am a stripey girl myself no matter what but especially love these colors. And I had not noticed this pattern before but it is going straight to my queue after seeing yours. Great job...and I love that solid detail on the lower arm so much!!!

  7. Oooh, I love it! Love the pictures too! So pretty.

  8. Such a gorgeous sweater! I love it! Makes me eager to knit something for myself...I've been distracted by knitting for three itsy bitsy women...my daughters!

  9. thanks everyone!! i am loving this sweater so much! i wear it often :) annelise, you should most definitely knit something for yourself!! it's time :) though itsy bitsy projects are done faster ;)

  10. Hi there, I'm knitting this pattern now and I'm finding at the start I'm not getting a drapy look. Did you add more stitches to get that effect?

    1. Hi MauiChickie! nope i didn't make any changes to the pattern... what kind of yarn are you using? i know that when i blocked mine, it really bloomed and the drape came out great. xo


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