kinfolk is here!

about two weeks ago, i posted about kinfolk. well their magazine is now out! today is the day! it's sooo pretty!!

it's definitely a fair sized mag though. 172 pages. but i find it to be something that's just nice to leaf through. the pictures are incredible, and the ideas behind entertainment and food are on par with how i feel, so i kind of connect to it.

it's chalked full of ideas, reminders, mini articles, fab photos, and recipes! there are even several videos linked to it. my fave is for a recipe for ribboned asparagus salad. i mean, can you say yum?

ribboned asparagus salad from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.

i soo want to make it!
this is really such a beautiful magazine. i love it! and i just couldn't help but want to share it with you.

please go, check it out. you can view the magazine completely online or even order a copy in print!
the team behind kinfolk have really done an incredible job. i love the pictures and videos of being in the canoe. it takes me back to my childhood summers of cottaging on the rideau river. (i know, lucky me!)

i really hope you take a peek at the magazine, and be sure to let them know how much you love it. i bet it would make them happy :)

here's wishing you a lovely weekend, full of summer ideas, and a chance to relax. are you going to be trying any new recipes this weekend? what are your plans over the next couple of days? i'd sure love to hear from you! leave me a comment and let's chat!


  1. WHOA!!! This is crazy Rebecca! I totally JUST found out about Kinfolk and ordered a copy of their second issue. SO WONDERFUL! Are we incredibly alike or what?! this magazine concept from start to finish fills my heart with sunshine and happiness!

  2. oh yaaay! i can't wait to see it!! yes i love kinfolk! xo


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