there's something about the warmer weather that brings about the excitement of outdoor gatherings. i absolutely love the idea of sitting around a table with good friends, and simple, but beautiful surroundings... just the outdoors.. no matter where you are. it could be a field, it could be amongst the trees, it could be right by the water... and candles burning into the night.
it just brings back such warm and wonderful memories. and it's good to get back to what's important. you know?
well guess what i stumbled across? you're gonna want to stumble across it too!!

just listen to their manifesto, as they call it:
"Kinfolk is a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings. We recognize that there is something about a table shared by friends, not just a wedding or once-a-year holiday extravaganza, that anchors our relationships and energizes us. We have come together to create Kinfolk as our collaborative way of advocating the natural approach to entertaining that we love."

and they're launching their first magazine release this month! i am so excited, and i can hardly wait to see what these pages are filled with!

go. check. it. out. k? then come back ;)
see? isn't it beautiful?!

i am so looking forward to a summer full of friends, candles, good food, warm bread, and knitting.

speaking of the knitting.. i did say i'd keep you all up to date on the KAL. things are progressing very nicely! i even tried it on yesterday. relief. it fits! yippee! i am about 6 " below the underarm now.
this is a pic right before separating the sleeves... so i'm a little farther than that now, but as i like showing you my progress...

it's hard to capture this it seems, but the greys seem to actually have a hint of lavender or something.. a blue/purple hue to it. i love it!

i'm pretty sure this will be a fave this summer. a lot of comfy nights spent cuddled up in this. i plan on wearing it to my summer outdoor dinners ;)

tonight is knit night. i missed it last week with the travel to alberta and what not.. so i'm uber excited to go.

this is a long weekend for lots of us. here in canada, we had yesterday off, and you friends to the south get monday off! this is a great weekend, i think ;)

do you get a chance to have dinner parties outdoors? are you a big lover of small gatherings as i am? nothing could make it better other than some good knitting to go along with it ;) leave me a comment! i'd love to hear from you, and to hear how your weekend is going!


  1. With five kids every dinner is a get together ;) Though I do love spending time with family and friends eating...and eating outside is the best. The weather has been a little fickle this year (though I have to say I like it this way). Usually by this time we've eaten poolside at my in-laws at least once a week...but not so much this year. Though Monday we're heading up to the lake for food, friends and water fun :)

  2. i bet dinner times are fairly lively in your home ;) i have such fond memories of me and my sisters sitting around the dinner table growing up. even though it was just us 3 girls (and our parents) it certainly provided great company, and hilarious conversation!

  3. Oh yes, conversation can be quite humorous at times. Especially when words get confused :)


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