my nook.

shortly before nook. began, i finally created a space to work in. this used to be a guest room for us... but the sad thing is that it was rarely used. it was nice to have a place for people to crash if they'd like to, but i was beginning to see this as "wasted space" . so i changed it. and are we ever glad the kitchen table is now not a dumping spot for all of the yarn. (!!)

i had originally thought that the little cubbies would be for toys for owen... hrmmm... i have much more yarn than i thought it seems ... of course it's still a shared space, as space really is precious to us... both the hubs and i grew up in small farming towns. our family had a hobby farm (now a dream of mine) with 50 acres of land!!  but that kind of acreage is just not easily attainable here...sigh. even a laundry line is not attainable right now.. but this craft room is!!

 of course, it's not just my craft room.. it's a play space and a creative space for owen... and it also provides the very much needed storage in the closet for all of the hubs' work clothes. but the closet is boring.. you don't want to see it.

we spend so much time in here now! i love it. most of my knitting still happens on the couch or at the park, or at the kitchen counter while i'm making dinner, but i love love having a space to just feel free to see the possibilities with the supplies we have. oh! and it's so nice to actually know what's in my stash now!

yep. i've got a lot of yarn. but i'll use it. don't you worry!

we're having fun with decorating this space.... the pictures aren't as bright as i wanted them to be. the clouds kept playing tricks...

and there are a lot of possibilities here. yes. very happy to see this space being used, and loved.

the thing i love so much about this space too, is that hidden in amongst my materials, i've also got my grandma's needles, as well as my oma's. i'll share more on those in another post though.

so this is my little nook. i still have big dreams for a studio, but this is what works for us now.  i love it, and i feel creative in it...well, most days. it's not usually this tidy though. but i bet you knew that.
i'm very fortunate to have this space, i know. i'm one lucky gal. so for now, yes, the laundry line can wait. but just for a little while ;)

do you have a little nook where you can spread out your crafting? where do you like to get your creative groove on? if you have a picture of your crafting nook, i'd love to see it! post a link here, and we can all hang out in our favourite spaces to create.


  1. I Love your Space! It's really pretty =D

  2. Yup I have a crafting space... not huge just an alcove off of the laundry area but a space none the less. You're fortunate to have such a large space...even if it is shared.

  3. yep. i'm very fortunate, and i don't mind sharing it at all. i'm just much happier that the space is actually being used, instead of a big bed taking up all of the space, ya know? nice that you have a little nook too!


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