it feels good to stretch, once we make ourselves do it. and i think it's important that we stretch too... it reminds our bodies what we're capable of... and of what they can do.

but i'm not talking in just the physical sense here. i think that inspiration and dreaming is so good for the mind. it gets me back in my creative groove. and being creative is meditative for me... or at least it should be. :)

there are so many things on my "list" that i feel i just have to accomplish... and some days the more i look at it, the more anxious i become in not meeting my goals. on the days that happens, i think it's really good for me to just be inspired, and to stretch.

it's a good reminder, i think. and in the end, i feel inspired to create. and that's the point, really.

speaking of creating.....my work on the KAL is progressing along really well! I promise to be sharing lots more on that this week.
also, here is one of my goals this summer... i want to take a spinning class at a local fiber store. and to sew more.

this post has been inspired by shannon at luvinthemommyhood. if you have a post about what's inspiring you, leave a link on her site, and we can all feel inspired together! wishing you a wonderful day, full of inspiration, and a reminder to stretch. and to breathe.


  1. Love it! Thanks for joining in my dear :) that last illustration is gorgeous! Off to pin it :P

  2. hee hee. i knew you'd love that pic :)

  3. Oh, I heartily agree with you! I find that if I don't make time to create something everyday everything suffers. Yet, I sometimes get too ambitious and then get bogged down by projects that neither inspire or promote my creativity.

    I posted this link on facebook but here it is again.

    When you were mentioning your 'list' of things to be done it reminded me of that. Hope you have a great week too!

  4. thank you for that link, buffy! i very good reminder, indeed!


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