gotta make

yep. i've got a case of the "gotta makes" ... i am certain that this isn't really a saying.... and no one has heard of it but me... but it's still a serious thing i'm dealing with ;) i've just got an uncontrollable desire to knit so many things!!! i'm also pretty sure that the only cure to the "gotta makes" is to simply create. don't get me wrong... i'm no doctor, but it just seems the most reasonable step to take. :)

Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

and i'm sure that if i'm not careful... i just might turn into the "miss. havisham" of knitting. (yep.. i'm a big fan of great expectations. i've only read it about 6 or 7 times... and now that i think about it, maybe i'll pick it up again this summer)

even though we're well into summer now, we're not really into the summer weather here on the island (boo) and that is encouraging my case of the "gotta makes". my ravelry que has been growing like crazy!
with the KAL hosted by luvinthemommyhood, a few favourite sweaters are making their way to the top...

here's narragansett.  i hadn't heard much of it before the kal.. but oh my! sandra of 3pumpkinslittle has done an incredible job! it's gorgeous! i honestly feel like it needs to be in my wardrobe.

and there's the abigail cardi. by cecily glowik macdonald. i love her patterns. she's super talented. and really, what an adorable cardi! 

but it's not just sweaters. have you seen rae yet? it's a new summer scarf pattern by jane richmond.

seriously! uber cute! i've been lucky enough to actually see this particular one first hand! i feel the need to knit this one up quick and have it wrapped around my neck before summer is over.

there are lots lots more on the que.. but we'll just start with these for now... don't want to get ourselves too overwhelmed ;)

i have a fair amount of projects on the needles right now, so i do realize that i should be pacing myself a tad.... but one item came off the needles last night! woot woot! i'll share it with you a little later on this week. promise. but first, it has to be blocked.

i don't know about you, but this feels like a great start to my week! summer weather or no... these cardi's are on my mind.

how was your weekend? any crafting done? are you getting any decent summer weather? pop by and leave me a comment. go ahead, rub it in that you're getting all of the summer weather. i dare ya ;) we can still chat knitting.


  1. Well as you know I was up late crafting Sat night and again last night, except last night I was writing more than crafting. However I totally understand what you're saying, I believe the Yarn Hart calls it Startitius...or maybe she calls it Startitupitus...either way it plagues craters & knitters alike. Started the hat yesterday...liking it so far.

  2. yay! i'm so glad i'm not alone in this :) and i'm also very excited to see the progress on the hat! i bet it looks great. that's the nice thing with crochet too.. it whips up pretty quickly. :)

  3. Yes it does! The only thing I don't care about it is how you have to be really careful about what you make because it can really look homemade if you're not great. I always want my stuff to look unique but make people think that I bought it at a upscale boutique instead of me making it. I'm probably a little snobby though ;)

  4. haha, no that's totally the goal i always have too. :)

  5. Hi Rebecca! my sister Natasha sent me over to your blog. I love your work and cant wait to take one of your classes. I am currently knitting some socks from the toe up. Having fun. Cant wait to see you projects! Take care! Miriam

  6. Hi Miriam! I remember meeting you at the shop. thanks so much for popping in here! post a link to your pic of your socks when they are done! i'd love to see them! :)

  7. Does this mean you've finished your Caramel? You are a speed demon~!

    ...Oh my gosh, yesterday it was so grey I actually needed my Rae. I love the summer time and I live to soak up those rays but there is something nice about living on the coast and being able to wear hand knits all year long :)

  8. i totally agree. i love LOVE being able to wear my knits whenever i want and not look too silly ;) yep. i actually did finish caramel. crazy! i am hoping for a photo shoot today... hrmm maybe owen will be up for it? :)

  9. Oh my Rebecca...
    This first blue sweather.. I just fell in love with it! I LOVE the neck line. That's the one that I want for the winter. If you ever need ANOTHER project! :)
    Love your work,

  10. thanks rosanne!! i know, that sweater is GORGEOUS!

  11. Hi Rebecca! I thought I'd commented on this post in the summer--but don't see it so here I go again. Hope you're still thinking about doing Narragansett--it would be amazing on you. I am still in utter love with mine and it's held up great. Thanks for posting a pic of my sweater :)!

  12. thanks sandra! i just love how yours turned out! i just might have to make that sweater for sure. it has been on my mind. yours is sooo lovely!


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