of course i've been knitting

even though you haven't heard me talk about it in the past few days, i've been working on it diligently.  :)

i'm loving how it's turning out! and it really is a very relaxing knit. i'm so looking forward to wrapping myself up in this lovely cardi. it's sooo cozy!

i love that i can just set this down and pick it up whenever, not having to worry about where i am in the pattern. it's simple in construction, but has such beautiful effects! (well i think so anyways)
again, for those just popping in, this pattern is caramel  by the talented isabell kraemer. you can find her blog here.
i've chosen to knit with sirdar country style dk. it's really soft... and i'm loving the colour choices i've made. there are flecks of orange in the browns, and the greys seem more lavender ... or something like that. it's just so lovely.

this really is just so enjoyable to knit. which, really for a basic construction of just knitting and purling.. no chart work needed, is surprisingly nice! i'm not at all bored with this project. maybe it's the striping, but i think it's more just being excited to curl up in it. 
but wait! i have other exciting news! look what came in the mail yesterday!!!

i've been waiting on these babies for a while now. it seems silly, but i spent a long time choosing them. things just feel more professional now that i have a card. haha. i love it.
i'm just so excited! they're so pretty! here's one more take.. just for kicks ;)

the company i ordered them through is moo. you should check out their site.. here . i'm uber impressed with them, and it was pretty easy to make (fun too!).
i'm totally the weirdo who just wants to smell them. er.. no... maybe. hahah. i just think they're pretty. don't you? 

how is your week going so far? for those of you who joined in on the KAL, how is your progress coming along? i'm in the mood to chat, and i've got a pot of coffee here :)


  1. Ok...you are nuts. I cannot believe your sweater. I saw it on Saturday (today is Thurs) and you had a few inches on mine and now you are friggin almost done!!!!!!!!!! I'm amazed and in shock!!!! Holy cow!!!!!!!!

    The cards look fab btw :)

  2. This looks amazing! Awesome color combo--love, love, love! And how did I miss this pattern? I have Paulie queued but somehow missed caramel, so thank you...it is headed immediately to the queue :)). I cannot wait to see yours completed...and by the looks of it, I won't be waiting long!

    p.s. the cards are simply perfect.

  3. ha. you guys are making me blush ;) i am so loving this sweater pattern though. and maybe just being so excited to wrap myself up in it is incentive enough to finish it quickly. hee hee.. and yes, i am still giddy over the cards. :)

  4. I think the one redeeming quality of being sick is that it is prime knitting time. Oh my goodness, I tell you there is something wonderful about just sitting and knitting even if you have a bowl at your feet and a box of tissues by your leg. Maybe it's the comfort of having a 'sweater blanket' or the fact that even though you can't cook for yourself you can at least knit and purl.

    My KAL is going alright...I made a couple boo-boo's and had to rip out a lot. Though my plan tonight is to finish the front. I really need to create something. Husband isn't feeling fabulous so he'll be headed to bed soon and I'll just watch bad tv shows and knit :) Maybe tomorrow I'll have pics up of it on my blog :)

    Love the Cards and no you're not crazy for smelling them. If I'd been there I'd have smelled them right along with you ;)

  5. you're so right, buffy.. even if you can't make yourself do too much while you're sick, there's always knitting and purling. i'm very much looking forward to seeing pics up of your KAL. I bet it's lovely!

  6. Loving the cardi! It looks awesome!!! Can I try it on when I see you? Oh, and I would totally smell those cards...mmmmm...fresh new paper! They look great! So exciting!

  7. thanks amy!! yes you can for sure try it on :) what are sisters for? miss you. xo

  8. Problem is if I try it on, I might not ever want to take it off.....

  9. haha! well then, we have to get you knitting one! xo

  10. I love that cardi too!! It's gorgeous. Congrats on the cards, to echo everyone else:) Nicely done.

  11. Oh the cardi is lovely. Your cards look cute too, although I haven't tried MOO yet. I buy my business cards from Print Peppermint. I highly recommend them too. Their print and service is amazing.


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