thank you!

nook's feelin' the love here with all of your encouragement and support with the blog launch and etsy shop! thank you so much! you've given me very warm fuzzies.

now it's my turn to give you warm fuzzies... i'd like you to meet baxter. he just moved in with us, and we're pretty smitten with him :)

and now you are too! :) he'll be 8 weeks old on tuesday. we're adjusting to life with him really well. .. see?

... and it looks like he's adjusted well to living with us :)

as for our long weekend, we're takin' it easy here so far. just enjoying being together :) it's a good thing to relax, i think. ....

and i'm of course getting a little of this done.... a gift for a dear friend.

...and this :)

it's a little rainy today, but that sure doesn't stop us from a yummy breakfast out on our balcony of french toast and strawberry banana smoothies recipe from family feedbag. so yummy!! amy's food blog is delish! definitely check her out!

what are you working on this weekend? anything on your needles? any cute lovable balls of fuzz keeping you distracted? :)


  1. Looking good. Your new summer tank is *beautiful*! I can hardly wait for the weather to warm up so you can wear it.


  2. Baxter is adorable!!! They make quite the pair together. Glad you liked the smoothies!

  3. haha yes, they are both learning to be gentle :) i wonder what little r will think?

  4. ohmygosh you have a kitten!??!?!?
    soooo cute! i'm jealous.
    great blog!
    ... i miss you.
    xo carla

  5. hi carla! thanks! his name is baxter. come visit him!!! he's super playful :) and thanks for the blog love. i'm loving the process. miss you too! oxo


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