a cabled sweater

for this class, we tackled a sirdar pattern. this is the design d - cabled tank with polo neck. you can check out some of the details  here.

this is the sample that i knitted up:

 materials i used were:
yarn: james c brett marble chunky
needles: 5.0mm, 6.0mm
more details here on my ravelry page.

the class went really well, and everyone had a lot of fun! new techniques were learned! cabling (clearly) :) , and different types of seaming, both mattress stitching and kitchener stitching...
i'm really proud of everyone in the class! these were the same ladies who attended the slipper sock class as well... though i was silly enough to only remember my 3 year old's toddler digital camera... and um.... those pictures never really turned out all that well. hahaah.

i finally managed to actually remember to bring the (right) camera to this class, so please take a peek! you can see this sweater knitted up in a variety of yarns, and i love the outcome of all of them. such a versatile pattern in terms of yarn options, i think.

...working on the neckband

 here, we are stitching up the shoulder before beginning the neckband.

 one of the finished products. isn't it lovely?

all in all, a lot of fun was had :)

do you attend any knitting classes? how do you like them? what are you learning? what would you like to learn? feel free to leave a comment, i love hearing from you!


  1. I should take a class after we move there and get settled in.

  2. sounds great! i look forward to it!


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