relaxing today...

what a wonderful long weekend we're having! the forecast was cloudy and damp... but the weather is proving it wrong! case in point. ... i'm actually sitting outside in the sun as i'm writing this post! love it!

wanna know what we got up to doing yesterday?

the fair! so much fun this year. we met some friends and headed on out. the rain stayed away, so that made us extra happy. we didn't get a chance to see the rodeo though... a little too much moola to spend just to get in.. we thought, but the rides were more fun anyways... especially to 3 year olds ;)

here's hoping you are having a wonderful day... a holiday to all you Canadians! yippee! we're fans of holidays...
as for the knitting... i've remembered to pack along a little project to be working on. i'm looking forward to sharing it with you!

what are you up to today? are you getting any sun? leave me a note and let's chat!


  1. no sun today. Very cloudy. I'm relaxing (cause I don't feel good at all) and David is working hard to clear the basement of all our pre-packing so we can sell the house. No more parking in the garage for us. Next weekend i should plant the flower beds. If there are any flowers left in the store. We don't plant until the long weekend here cause there still can be frost. Hopefully there still will be flowers in the store. People buy them when the first start selling and keep them in the house until planting time. We don't have room for that so I just have to hope there are some left.

  2. i hope you'll have lots of flowers to choose from! one day we'll have flower beds again.. until then, it's balcony gardening for us :) good luck next weekend! i bet your flower beds will look lovely!

  3. Awesome Bec...I haven't read all the blog yet, but photos and everything are great. We had people here for a second showing of the house...hope we hear something tomorrow. Reiner was going to take me out to a movie in Ottawa but I wasn't feeling too good so we just had a low key day after cleaning up for the showing. Off to bed now...glad you had a great weekend!!!!


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