In love with Rompers

Oh look, another baby gift. :) This one, I LOVE. Truthfully, I think that the old fashioned romper is just the cutest! 

Because the pattern is just a classic, basic pattern, I wanted to yarn to be rustic. I chose Loops & Threads undyed wool. This colourway is "natural", naturally. :) Even though it's 100% wool, it's really not scratchy or anything. And I know it will keep baby warm. 

The pattern is Small Things Romper, and Small Things Bonnet by Carina Spencer.  The patterns were very well written, and were a joy to knit. I love the simple details like around the brim of the bonnet. Just so pretty! There are several adaptations you can make to the patterns too, which Carina covers in full length. Just fantastic! And you also have a couple of options with the bonnet too.. meaning, if you wanted to, you could make it a pixie. I know I will definitely make this outfit again sometime. It's just so adorable! 

I chose to do the 6 month size, because I like the idea of baby actually getting some use out of it. As for the buttons, I just dove into my stash jar, and this is what I came up with :) 

I just love the whole look, put together :) The gift was very well received.. Baby was brand new when I gifted it though, so it will be a little while yet before I get to see any pictures of him in it :)

Sometimes bringing patterns & wool back to basics is just the perfect reminder of how lovely and resourceful knitting has always been. xo

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