post surgery = knitting time!

I had surgery on monday. It was just day surgery, and it was pretty minor. However it leaves me with a few days of post surgery resting. That means knitting when I'm not sleeping!

And I've made great progress on my main man's socks! Let me tell you, when he told me that he'd go for another try at handmade socks, I got so excited! He spotted the yarn in a shop over Christmas holidays, and when he mentioned he'd wear socks made out of it, I had to buy it.

One down, and the second well underway, I think he'll be wearing these socks in no time!
This of course leaves my mind to wonder what I should knit up next. I'm thinking something in a DK weight.

I actually have 2 skeins of Northbound Knitting Merino Silk DK in the colourway Metallurgy. And I've got 3 possible projects for it. So I'm looking for your vote...  All of these patterns are by Lisa Mutch herself. And as she's the magic behind Northbound Knitting yarns, I trust any of these patterns would be lovely... still though, I'd like help narrowing it down..

1. Ingot. 

 Originally, this is what I bought the yarn for. I liked the idea of a cowl that could also fit over my shoulders.  This calls for 2 skeins, however I've seen many use just 1 skein. I tend to always end up with extra yardage. It's my gauge or whatever, but I've always found that I have extra yarn.

2. Clinquant.

Yes, I realize this calls for 3 skeins, and I only have 2. But I could just make it a bit smaller. This is, afterall a generous sized shawl. It's so pretty too!

3. Maim

I just think this shawl is so pretty. It's very basic with it's garter stitching, but the edge has something interesting to it. I love it. I would use the entire 2 skeins to get every last bit of yardage out of it.

So there you have it. What would be your pick? xo


  1. The socks look great Becca!! And I think you just answered your own question...#3. Maim is the one you should go for. It won't be smaller, you won't have leftovers, and you can use up every last inch!

    1. I think you're right. I just keep staring at that one. Of course now I need to wait for the dollar to do better. gah!

  2. Replies
    1. agreed! It's such a pretty shawl! xo


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