on the mend

I am happy to say I am healing well, and last week proved to be a pretty productive week, knitting wise. The Mr's socks were easily completed, and the little man requested a matching pair of his own. So those were relatively quick to whip up.

Also, it seems so many people (that I know) are pregnant, so I decided to get a head start on baby knitting... and the first of a few gifts flew off the needles! Though I don't want to reveal quite yet what I made, as it hasn't been actually GIVEN yet.

I am still working on socks for me, so that #operationsockdrawer remains in full swing :) But really, I'm just looking forward to getting back to my normal pace.

Thank you to those of you who've "popped in" online to see how I've been feeling. It's been nice to have you look out for me!

So in the meantime, here's a picture of pretty yarn to tide you over for a bit. And I promise, as soon as both my men can sit still long enough, I'll get some cute pics of them in their matching gentleman's socks. xo

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