still knitting!

Really, you all know I never stop knitting. But sometimes, I wonder if YOU wonder what I'm up to, as I don't always have a chance to post what I'm working on....

Well, wonder no more... A week ago, this gorgeous skein fell into my hands...

Cat, of Caterpillargreenyarns is seriously mega talented! Not only does she do the most amazing self striping sock yarns, but shawls too! eeeks!!  Ok. I'm a HUGE fan of this. But really, who isn't? Especially since the yarn harlot became a fan too, we ALL know about Cat's amazing yarns!!! See her posts about Cat's yarns here and here. (yeah, she was mentioned twice!!!)

So really now you have to be speedy to get in on the shop updates, because her yarns are quickly snatched up! To get more info on Caterpillargreen shop updates, check out the website.

Ok. BUT LOOK at this NEW colourway!!!

I love it. oh i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Not only do I love grey's but the striping is like a gradient self striping grey until POW! yellow. swoon... Want to see more pics of this in progress? Follow me on instagram.

I only wish I could keep this one. ;)

* swoon. * Luckily I do have another skein on hand that I am so looking forward to knit up. It's this one...

So what about you?? What's on your needles? Do tell! xo


  1. Oh that's gorgeous! I would love to try some of her yarn - it would be amazing! :-)
    Currently I am finishing up a blanket, but I also have another blanket, some socks, and a shawl on the go - monogomous knitter I am not! :-)

    1. Bekah, if you check out Catherine's website (www.caterpillargreenyarns.com/) she'll have dates for her next yarn update! I totally recommend her yarns. They are incredibly soft and lovely to knit!! xo I love that you have so many things on the needles!

  2. This is so simple but yet beautiful!!! What was the pattern you used?


    1. Abbie, I believe Catherine (of caterpillargreen yarns) will be publishing a pattern or formula as such sometime in the future. :) xo


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