Back in the saddle!

So here's something new! A while back ago I agreed to do a test knit. I'm a sucker for shawls, and garter, and short rows so it seams... so I really couldn't help myself with this one. Especially with us being on the cusp of spring here, these greens just call out to be worn! 

My shawl collection is growing steadily, but right now this is one of the shawls I really do grab often. 

This is the Sail Shawl, by Liisa Nieminen. It was such a gratifying knit. The colour blocking and the short row shaping always kept things interesting, so I never got bored. 

The only time consuming part of the shawl was picking up stitches at the end. Though it really didn't take up too much time at all... and I always weave in ends as I go. 

The thing I really love about this shawl are the endless colour opportunities! Pretty much everything looks good, and you can go either funky or classic.  So fun! The shawl itself is really the perfect size for spring and summer. It's a lovely accessory that will keep you just the right temperature! 

Additional info:
Yarn: Plucky Classics Primo fingering Colourways: Whistlestop (April 2013), Manderley (August 2014) and Old Lace (June 2014)
Needle: 3.5mm Fixed Signatures (stiletto tip). 

There are so many awesome shawls I'm seeing in the Ravelry feed lately with spring coming, and I promise you.. this one should be on your list! It's a fun knit! 

Thanks so much Liisa for creating such a lovely pattern!  Tell me, what's your fave shawl these days? xo


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! It's perfect for spring, no? xo

  2. Love the shawl ♥ and love your Plucky combination ♥. I have three skeins of Plucky myself that are sitting around just waiting to be turned into this shawl.

    1. oh yaaay! and what colours are you thinking of, chantel? xo

    2. I have Tip Toe, Pinehurst, and Lollipop Guild just waiting for a project like this :)


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