New Yarns and an FO!

I always love trying new yarns, always always. So when Ashley of Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn asked me if I would review some of her yarns, I was ALL for it!

As soon as her lovely skeins hit my doorstep, I just had to wind up the Lush DK. Her colours really are quite stunning. As I was winding up the "lakeside" colourway, I was brought back to my summers on the Rideau. Being originally from Ontario, you can see how I was really drawn to this colourway. I love the pops of blues in the steely greys!

photo property of Red Sock Blue Sock Yarns
used with permission

And knitting with this was even better! Every stitch a joy. The definition really pops with the lush DK. I can't recommend it enough. The make up of this yarn is 50% Superwash Merino & 50% silk. Guys, it's really dreamy!  The skein comes in 231 yds/100 g.
More than enough to knit up a fab toque!

See? Just love those pops of blue!
The Basic Sock Yarn looks so fab as well! And with 460 yards per skein there's plenty to work with!!

These are "Old World" and "Lemon". I am so looking forward to knitting with them!!

My plan to always have socks on the needles is going to happen this year!! I can just feel it! I'm thinking something lacy up next, yes?

To find out more or Red Sock Blue Sock check out the links below.

For those of you wondering, I chose to knit Shannon Cook's Schwimmen
Check out my ravelry page to see some more pics!

Tell Ashley I say hi if you choose to place an order! Have you discovered any new yarns lately? What are your faves? I'd love to hear about them! xo


  1. Seriously gorge! You and your Einstein specs. Love the colors, so nice.

    1. awe! thanks hannah!! heehheheh you make me blush. xo

  2. It's always nice to see you produce something for yourself :)

    1. Chantel, I really enjoyed it! I'm excited to have done some selfish knitting! Let's hope I can keep the ball rolling with this... ;) xo

  3. So awesome- your Schwimmen and the yarn. It looks so very cute on you, too, Rebecca. I love semi solid gray with little dots of color hidden inside. Can you imagine a whole sweater in this lovely yarn?

    1. oh my goodness, an entire sweater!!!! michelle! that would be SO amazing! xo

  4. I love new yarn! It's always exciting to think of what it's going to become.


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